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Facebook reviews – Facebook business account

Facebook reviews – Facebook business account

Are you concerned about how well your business is doing on Facebook? In case you’re concerned about the effect of Facebook reviews on your business, you have to do all you can to know more about Facebook reviews and Ratings. Through Facebook reviews, users can discover new businesses with great reputations both through their Facebook business page and brand awareness.

Facebook Reviews-What it is?

Facebook reviews are seen as a  star system where your customers have the ability to rate your service or products through the comments they leave. In this platform, customers can make comments on everyone’s reviews and talk about your business in the open.

As people visit your business page, you’ll read it. It offers users the opportunity to check in your physical address and will enable them to leave a comment when they visit. This is very important for a business that has Facebook business pages. Having a Facebook business page is a great drive to boost your business awareness and patronage.

If your business doesn’t have a Facebook page, it’s time to create one. I’m convinced that having a Facebook business page is one good step to growing your business. However, one thing is to have a presence on Facebook, another thing is to have good results and maximizing the platform to grow your business and take it to the next level you want your business to be.

How Important is a Facebook review

Facebook reviews guides a potential customers to your Facebook page and from there he/she starts the journey stage to becoming a buyer. As they come to your page, they can realize that there’re things that they need to put in place. It can be that their business admin is quite in a mess or that they need to hire a bookkeeper for updating their accounts daily.

So this leads us to the first Facebook review importance which is awareness.

Once the person becomes aware of the problem they need to solve, it leads to the second stage which is the Consideration stage. In this stage, you have to define your problem and the best research techniques to solve your problem. Then, we have the third stage which is the Decision stage. Here, a potential customer decides the best solution offered by your business.

By so doing, they’ll get the exact product or services that are best suitable for their need. When customers have made the choice of what they want depending on your Facebook page reviews, it’ll lead them to make purchases.

Having to make purchases, there’re post-purchase stages resulting from your reviews on Facebook. For additional benefits, anytime someone Goggles your business, it shows Facebook customer reviews for your website.

Step to get Facebook Reviews

Though there’re lots of benefits to having a Facebook review on your business page you can have it so easily, m you need to use the steps below to set it up.

  • On the top of your Facebook Profile, click on create
  • Click on page info and select the local business as a Facebook business page category.
  • Follow the option to make your business more specific, then, choose a hospital, restaurant, café, hotel, etc.
  • Fill in your business physical address or the location
  • Tap the address and fill in the details required, tick the box next to show the map, check-ins, and star rating.
  • Tap on the save changes button.

After this, your Facebook reviews are set.

Ways to get customers to use your Facebook review

You need to take some actions to make people visit your page. By this, you should encourage them to check in each time they visit your physical address. As they visit, they’ll automatically be made to review their experience.

Ensure that you leave your post pinned to the top of your page. It’ll encourage users to leave a review if they like your products or services.

Make your Post interesting. You can ask customers to share a favorite memory of the shop of your products that they like so much.

Managing your reviews

If you manage your reviews well, they’ll be a great asset in building your brand. However, if you don’t manage it well, it’ll have a negative impact on your business reputation. Since you can’t delete negative reviews all you’ll do is report them as spam or as offensive content.

Now, you must attend to negative reviews with calmness. You shouldn’t respond to it in the heat of the moment and your response should be neutral. To be on a safe side, have someone read your response before you post. If you discover it’s not generating a good response, move the conversation to private messaging immediately.

If you have a positive review, read your review and use the customer’s name and provide a good response to the feedback. From the response you get from customers, you can improve your products/services to grow your business further.

Benefits of Facebook Review
  • It’ll help or influence EdgeRank and also maintain your star ratings on your Facebook page.
  • Helps the audience to review your products and services.
  • It creates brand awareness for your business. When you do a couple of Facebook page ads, your business must reach thousands of people using Facebook in your area of the target.
  • Brings traffic to your website- When you engage in a successful Facebook  page, it’ll bring lots of traffic to your website and hence it’ll increase

 Your earnings.

  • It encourages targeted advertising- Through the Facebook page engagements’ ads; you can target a group of persons within a particular age limit. This depends more on the type of product and services that you offer.






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