Facebook Stalking | How to know when YOu’re stalked


Facebook Stalking | How to know when someone is stalking you

Facebook stalking simply means using a Facebook app to track the online actions and activities of another Facebook user.

Facebook stalking

Do you excessively visit someone’s timeline? Check out their newest posts or pictures? Repeatedly message them or like and comment on their old posts?

Facebook stalking is like every other form of stalking except it uses Facebook to trail targets actions.

Reasons for Facebook Stalking

There are different reasons why people could be stalking you on facebook;

  • An ex trying to know what’s going on with you lately.
  • Relatives and family members wanting to keep track of your activities, friends and interests online.
  • Criminal purposes.
  • Someone with a crush on you.
  • Employers trying to pin down the type of person you are and what your interests are.

Information Facebook Stalking (Stalkers) hope to Gain

  • Location
  • Notifications of your activities on Facebook.
  • Your comments.
  • Pages, groups you like.
  • People you follow and are friends with.
  • Posts you like.

How to know when someone is stalking you on Facebook

  • If you happen to receive a friend request from a person you know in passing. People who are not acquaintances, then sure. That’s an obvious sign on stalking.
  • When you receive notifications of likes or comments on old posts. Receiving notification that someone likes or comments on a post of yours you don’t even remember exists anymore. That’s a sure sign someone is spending too much time on your timeline they shouldn’t be spending.
  • Finding a number of friends that appear before your friend’s list on your profile shows those people recently visited your profile. This is a part of an algorithm designed to show you who visited your profile.
  • Third party apps claim to provide insights into who has been stalking you on facebook. But this is not highly probable due to security and privacy breaches.
  • Also when you receive friend requests from someone you didn’t accept before or you blocked. It’s a sure sign of stalking. Such a person could even create a new profile and send a new friend request after being rejected repeatedly.
  • Setting up “Active Sessions” on your account helps you to see who signed in to your account, when and with what device the person signed in.
How to Set Up Active Sessions on your Facebook Account

This feature is available to iPhone and iPad users. Follow the steps below to set up;

  • Visit the facebook app on y7our device.
  • Click on the ‘More’ icon at the bottom of your screen. There’re 3 lines on the top of each other.
  • Scroll down to the bottom and click Settings
  • Click on Account Settings.
  • Select ‘Security’.
  • Click on “Where You’re Logged In”.

Click on the “X” to delete active sessions from your account.

Note: From the ‘Where You’re Logged In’ option you can view and also end all sessions for your Facebook account.

If you notice any suspicious activity, end the session and change your password.

Ways to resist stalkers on your profile on Facebook

Ways to effectively curb facebook stalking activities on your accounts include;

Shift through your friend’s list. Ensure you keep friends with whom you have a real relationship with and are close to. Those you know are not prone to stalking you.

If you happen to want to keep a few friends you have online but don’t know in real life, make sure it’s those you trust enough to keep in your online circle.

Anybody can follow you on Facebook by default. You can set your profile in such a way that no one can follow you except friends.

Simply go to Settings, in the left side bar and click on ‘Public Posts’.

Tap on ‘Who Can Follow Me’ and a dropdown menu will appear. Click on the ‘Friends’ option and just like that all your followers that aren’t friends will stop following you.

Furthermore, resisting stalking isn’t exactly set down in a manual, setting your account to private, being careful about the information you share online and the friend requests you accept can help curb stalking on your account.

Also, people could pose as someone you know but haven’t been in close contact with for a long time. When such a person sends you a friend request like that. Ensure you ask them personal questions only such a person would know.

When they try to evade your questions be wary and apply caution by rejecting their requests.


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