Facebook Status | Best Facebook Status Quote and Update


Facebook Status | Best Facebook Status Quote and Update

Facebook has become more than just social media for some people. Most users use Facebook status to share their thoughts, feelings, and ideas.  To others, they have lots of values to the comments, likes and shares they get from their Facebook status.

Facebook status

Each time I open my Facebook, people’s Facebook status keeps me on for some minutes. Some of the statuses can make me laugh; some make me ponder and think, some can be tempting, while some can annoy as well. But whatever that forms the status of your Facebook reflects a lot from what we can see outwardly.

If you want funny or thought-provoking and inspiring Facebook status ideas that’ll give you more likes and comments, here are some to try.

Facebook Status that’ll give you more likes and comments

  • For those dating last born, always love them, hug, show them love and affection,  because they’re mentally unstable.
  • Followers will never know how hard leaders tried to create Path
  •  ”None is perfect; otherwise, pencils won’t have erasers”.
  • ”Only the weak revenge, strong people forgive and intelligent people” ignore.
  • Don’t look down on anyone unless you want to help them up.
  • Successful people stay successful by living as if they are broke while the unsuccessful people stay broke living like they are rich.
  • ”No matter how much weed the devil smokes, he can never be Most high”.
  • If you have tried 100 times and it didn’t work, don’t stop, create another 100 lists and start afresh.
  • The “Wise Man gets more use from his enemies than a fool from his friends”- Baltasar Gracian.
  • It’s better being hated for who I am than to be loved for who I am not

Most importantly, adding a befitting picture to your status, can help drive home your point more and make the quiet responsive.

Types of Facebook Status

There’re a lot of status updates to use on Facebook depending on your style. Below is some of the type of status updates that you can see on Facebook:

The Melodramatic Update

 It’s the type that involves dramatic attention. Here, the person cries out for attention. For this type of person, they’re always dramatic in real life. All they need from users is just their attention and response.

When you know how these people behave in real life, you can just ignore them. If you find out that they’re trying to lure you into their drama, just keep them quiet.

Passive-aggressive Update

This type can be quite close to the melodramatic update but it’s directed to one person. It could be that the person that posts this kind of update doesn’t have the guts to meet the person. So, they can now use this means to show their desperation to the person.

Mundane status Update

This involves most updates that don’t really add any value to the reader. Most of the time it’s very boring.

My life is very exciting Update

In this kind of post, you try to make people get angry or envy as though your own life is a bed of roses. Example ‘’I just got back from my week-long Caribbean cruise. I almost don’t have enough time to pack for my business trip to Florida in 3 days”.

I hate work Update

In this kind of post, people vent their anger on their working tool. Most times, people get frustrated with their working tool at their place of work and this can make them write I have work Facebook status update example  ‘this computer is freaking annoying’

 Inside Joke update

Example: ‘’Men! They all…

 This can cause many to react and say one thing or the other.

Other ones are:

  • Repost update and General updates.


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