Facebook Store | How to open & sell on Facebook Store

Facebook Store | How to open & sell on Facebook Store

Facebook Store simply lets you sell products through your facebook page. a lot of people are selling on wares on Facebook and making money on a daily basis. This is a great opportunity for you to make it real big.

Facebook store

This option affords them with the ability to purchase products they like directly on your Facebook Store. And they don’t have to leave their Facebook windows.

It also helps in boosting sales and growing your business faster. Marketing your products to the world at large is one of the benefits of the facebook store.

Opening your doors to a larger audience is one of the ways to leverage on the millions of daily users facebook offers.

Plus selling on facebook is quite convenient as a lot of people use the app to keep up with friends and family and the sheer number of people already using facebook provide a larger market at no cost at all.

I will be teaching you how to set this up on your facebook business page.

How to open Facebook Store

There are two options available in setting this up. Setting it up on your facebook business page or using a third-party e-commerce site like Shopify or Big Commerce and Squarespace.

Setting up on your business page

  • Log in to your Facebook account.
  • Visit your business page or create one if you have not yet.
  • Click on the ‘Shop’ tab on the left-hand side of your page to add.
  • Read merchants’ Terms and Policies and click on, then, agree to the Merchant Terms and Policies.
  • Supply your business details like email, address, phone numbers and other information required.
  • Click on ‘Finish’.
  • Connect your Stripe account if you have one.
  • Click on the ‘Shop’ option and tap ‘Add Product’ to add your products that are available for sale.
  • Fill in the details of your products needed. You can find the requirements at https://www.facebook.com/business/help/481150918755515
  • Select ‘Shop’ and click on ‘Collections’ under the small gear button to divide your products into collections if they’re plenty.
  • Manage your orders.
  • Note that when you add a product and it’s approved before your customers get to see them on your facebook page.
  • You’ll also be required to configure to payments to your bank accounts. This is simply linking your bank accounts so payments will be deposited there.

This option is available to the United States. In other countries, you might set up your payments through Stripe as mentioned above or PayPal.

How to open Facebook Store on Shopify

To use this feature, you must own a Shopify Shop.

One of the fastest growing e-commerce sites in the world right now, it offers a lot of advantages to users.

Shopify Advantages

  • Its large and active audience of about a million and counting.
  • Provides 24 hours of support.
  • Provides users access to professional design themes that help in making products look great.
  • Offers app that helps the functionality of online stores that can be added as businesses grow and require additional features.
  • It helps sellers process over $72 billion in sales.

Follow the steps below to setup on Shopify.

  • Log in to your Shopify Shop Account.
  • Navigate to ‘Settings’.
  • Select ‘Sales Channel’.
  • Tap ‘Add Facebook’.
  • Be sure to sign in to your facebook account, click ‘Get Started’.
  • Facebook will be required to verify your account to be able to approve your shop.
  • Select ‘Enable Facebook Shop’ and then choose products and collections you want to be seen on your Facebook store.
  • Finally, choose whether to checkout using Shopify or facebook.
How to set up your Facebook Stores through BigCommerce.

Before I talk about how to set up your facebook store using BigCommerce; let’s look at its benefits:


  • Helps you create facebook adverts that attract new shoppers and trail your campaigns.
  • It helps sellers process over $9 billion in sales.
  • Influence various social media channels to help grow sales.
  • Explore more boost tools in BigCommerce app store.
  • Take advantage of ‘out of box tools’ made available to help build store.
Set Up:
  • In the admin panel of your Channel Manager, select ‘Get Started’ close to Facebook.
  • Log in to connect your facebook business account to BigCommerce.
  • Key in your contact email address and phone number and a link to your service terms and then choose the facebook page you’d like to connect to.
  • When you’re approved, add products and categories.

Benefits of Facebook Store

  • It helps in driving new sales.
  • gives you reward brand advocates.
  • It allows you to easily to offer deals and promotions.
  • Build brand awareness with ease and recognition.
  • Directly engage customers and potential customers with product.
  • You can add as many products as you like and there’s no limit.

More Benefits

  • Allows you to organize your products into collections and give customers the ability to shop in a category.
  • Your customers can easily communicate with your shop if they have any challenges, questions or doubts.
  • You can see the number of clicks, purchases, and views for your products.

Also, Facebook makes it easier for you to target app users with certain interests, behavioral patterns, and likes.

Who can use Facebook Store?

Facebook store option is open to both small and big businesses, old and new businesses, those who own a facebook page or not.

If you don’t want to buy from the Facebook store, I recommend you buy from Aliexpress.com, Amazon market place or Alibaba.com. There’re a lot of offers for you depending on the particular platform you wish to buy from.





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