Facebook Two Factor Authentication | Enable Facebook Two Factor Authentication


Facebook Two Factor Authentication | How to Enable Facebook Two Factor Authentication

Facebook two factor authentication is also known as Facebook Two-Step authentication or known as 2-factor Verification or 2 Factor authentications. It’s a secured feature made to help Facebook users to protect their account

facebook two factor authentication

When added to your account, it helps to secure your Facebook account and ensures its safety. In this post, I’ll be guiding you on how to use the Facebook Two Factor authentication and how it works.

How Facebook Two Factor Authentication Work

Immediately a user sets up the Facebook Two factor authentication, it’ll require you to enter a special login code or a confirmation order when you want to login to your account. This works each time someone wants to Login through a computer or a mobile device that recognizes this device.

Users get alerts as soon as someone tries to access their account via a recognizable computer. Once you turn the Facebook two factor authentication on in your mobile device, you’ll get a prompt to turn on text message codes for the authentication.

However, if you wish to different authentication management method without the text message authentication. Then, you’ve to navigate to our security and login to the settings from your computer device.

Moreover, this two-factor authentication is seen by Facebook as a ‘’Login Approvals’’. It gives Facebook account owners more protection from hackers and unauthorized access to your account(s).

Facebook users can get this Facebook authentication to work for them by enabling the feature on their Facebook account(s).

Steps to enable the Facebook Two Factor Authentication

To enable this feature, follow these steps below:

Click on the small downward-facing arrow at the upper right corner of your page. It’ll direct you to ‘’Settings’’.   Then, tap on ‘’Security’’ on the left side. After that, select ‘’ Login Approvals’’

Click on the box that reads‘’ Require a login code to access my account from unknown browsers’’, to start the setup

You’ll be required to enter your password. This comes before you make security changes to your account. Enter the password and click on the ‘’Submit’’ button.

Tap through the first two prompts to begin the step.

In case you don’t have your phone number on your  Facebook, it’ll require you to provide it.

Click on ‘’continue’’. After that, a code will be sent to you through your phone number. Enter the code and confirm

After setting up the Fb two factor authentication, you can now cancel the Facebook authentication feature any time you want.

Within a week, you’re  to tick the ‘’No Thanks box’’ and you’ll have Protection for your settings.

Why you need to Activate this Feature

This Facebook feature is very necessary for security purpose. It’s very important that every Facebook users ought to have it activated on their accounts. It doesn’t matter whether the account is frequently used or not.

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