Facebook URL | How to personalize your Facebook URL or Username


How to personalize your Facebook URL or Username

Facebook Url- You can easily personalize your Facebook username to whatever you want people to see for whatever reason you want.

Facebook URL

With your Facebook username, it’s much easier for anyone to find you on Facebook. It has a way of creating a unique and recognizable identifier for you so that your friends can easily type it anytime they want to search for you on their browsers.

However, it’s true that Facebook always wants people to use their real names on their accounts for people to easily find them.

Before now, it used to be a long list of numbers that appears to your friends and they have to type it to get to your profile. Hence, Facebook now knows that an account with a Username is easier to remember than the one with just numbers.

Steps to change or Personalize your Facebook URL or Username

If your Facebook URL appears in several numbers and special characters that are not easy to recognize, You can personalize it by changing your Username to what your friends can recognize. You can easily change it to your name that your friends can find easily.

Below are the steps to personalize your Facebook Username:

  1. Go to your Facebook account
  2. Tap on the arrow at the top right corner of the Facebook page and choose Settings in the drop-down menu.
  3. Tap on the username
  4. Fill in your new username and your present Facebook password
  5. Click the save changes button

Rules for a new Username/URL

  • Your new username must be at least five characters
  • You’ll not use any special characters in the usernames. But you can use any mixture of letters from A-Z, 0-9 with uppercase and lower case
  • Though, you can use periods to differentiate two accounts e.g. Uche.Ike
  • Your username should include your real name
  • User one username for one personal account

Importance of a Facebook username

  1. With your Facebook URL carrying your Username, you can use it to send emails and text to your friends on Facebook
  2. Your username or Facebook URL can show up in search engines  if it has a username
  3. It gives you a personal space on the web such that you can send your friends.

Example of a Facebook URL

Your initial Facebook URL carries some numbers at the end. but you can now change this URL so that people can easily find me and know that you are the one. Then, you have to go through the process I described above to create a new one like this one below:

So, with this one, once one clicks on it, if it has not been changed again, it’ll take you to the person’s profile immediately.

This is very simple and it can help you to own a personal Facebook address/URL that people can easily find you with.


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