Facebook Username | How to create and change FB Username


Facebook Username | How to create and change Facebook Username

Facebook Username is very important when you want people to easily locate your timeline. However, you can use Facebook without a Username. Username is not the same as a Profile name. Whether Profile name or Username, they are important for identification on Facebook.

Facebook Username

After you’ve created a Facebook account, you can create a Username that’ll allow you to customize your timeline’s web address.

Facebook Username appears in the address bar following the ‘Facebook.com’’. Take a careful look at this, if your name is Uche Ike, your Facebook profile will be ‘’Facebook.com/Uche.Ike’’. However, you can use your username as a Facebook email address such as. Uche.Ike@facebook.com

Different between Facebook Profile name and Username

The Profile name is your real name and it’s needed for security and Privacy. As you sign up for a Facebook account, you’ll enter your name. It doesn’t include symbols, numbers and repeating characters. Facebook profile names don’t include titles, multiple character language, nicknames in place of middle names or any offensive content. Your Timeline is for your personal use. But you can change your names later after setting up your account.

Facebook Username

Username enables you to customize your timeline’s web address. This is feature is important when an individual wants people to find them on Facebook. It appears in the address bar as it follows Facebook.com as discussed above.

In the username, you can include alphanumeric characters, unlike the profile name. Fb username can be at least five characters long and you can change it just once.

Searching you on Facebook

People can only search for you on FB with your full name and not your username. But the Username directs or links them to your Profile. You can’t have any two usernames as the same. So, no matter you typed your username, it’ll be directed to your profile.

How to create or change FB Username

If you want to set up a username, all you have to do is to go to your FB profile. Go to the menu, if you’re using a desktop or PC, it’s the last icon at the end of the menu. Click on it and select the settings. You’ll see a general setting box. Choose the username option and click on ‘edit link’.

Enter the username you want after the Facebook.com and allow it to check for availability. If it’s available, click on save changes. Another thing you must know is that it’ll ask you to enter your Password to confirm that you’re the one. Also, if you want to change your Username just follow the same process and change your username. Make sure you have your FB password before you change your username because it’s needed for confirmation.

Other Benefits of Username
  • To create a custom link to your profile so that you can easily share it with your friends and other websites.
  • Getting information about other friends, pages and people on Facebook
  • Selecting the information you want to make public.

It’s also very important to know that you can change or create your Facebook page Username. With your Facebook page username, People can easily locate your page and send you message to your page.

To change or create a Facebook page username, go to your page and click on username under the page name and change it.


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