Facebook video | Steps to create facebook friends day video


Facebook video |   Steps to create facebook friends day video

Facebook video-Facebook knows how friends feel with each other. And it’s of great importance for friends to keep in touch with each other and share memories with Facebook video. We all care about our friends and want to appreciate the impacts you have made in their lives.

Facebook video

Because we all love our friends, you’ll like to share some Facebook video memories. Facebook introduced this facebook friend’s day video to get more close to friends and celebrate them. The video is called Happy Friend Day!

What you can do with Facebook video

With this Facebook feature, you can edit and make some short slideshow video clip for your friends. This video clip includes your favorite friends getting some awards depending on how many times they’ve liked your posts. And also, how many music posts that you both like or how many times you’re both are tagged in a post.

How often People Create Facebook Video

Facebook videos are used to mark the beginning of a Love in view of Valentine’s week. Just scroll down the page and you’ll find some heartwarming videos of your friends you’ve had a good time within the past.

Create your own Facebook Friends day Video

Follow the steps below to create your own facebook videos

Open your Facebook app and type the word Friends Day 2018 in the search box provided and click search.

In the search results, you’ll see ‘Happy Friends Day!’ just at the top of the list. Click the button beside it.

This leads you to the page where you’ll do all the work. You’ll see a preview of your personal       Friends Day Video With different photos from Face book’s algorithm. Then swipe to the right by clicking the right button and it’ll display to you the individual cards showing your friends and the awards each of them is getting.

You have the options to customize the video and create awards for your friends that Facebook didn’t choose. Just swipe right to find the create card.  Tap the create button at the bottom of the card to see a search box appear on the screen. Type the friend’s name and select.

Choose the award such as Music Buddy, Photo    Op Friend, Makes Any Time a Good time, Always has my Back or Big Hearted and give it out to the friend you want.

After giving the award to the Friend and you’ve happy and satisfied with the video, click on the Share button and the bottom.

You can share the Facebook video for friend’s day as a public post or send it as a message to the person you made it for using your Facebook messenger.

So, what are you waiting for, go get your facebook Friends Day 2018 video and share it with friends? Just show them how much they mean to you. You can use it now to show friends how you love them this season of Easter.

Thanks for reading! Please with Friends!


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