Facebook videos search | how to find videos on Facebook


Facebook videos search | how to find videos on Facebook

Facebook videos search helps you to find videos on Facebook. Though Facebook videos seem not to be well organized, and the same applies to another social network. It’s easy to watch Facebook videos you uploaded or the one you were tagged in. Most times, you have to watch from promotional pages, profile videos.

Facebook videos search

However, you can find videos using the Facebook video search method. Finding Facebook videos depends on a lot of features. Some are determined by who uploaded it, the type of video and many others. There’s no really one central hut that allows you to view all the footage in a logical manner.

However, there’re types of videos on Facebook.

Types of Facebook videos

  • Live videos
  • Uploaded videos

How to find Facebook videos- Facebook videos Search

From the Facebook live videos, you’ll find live streamers on Facebook from a specific location. Here, you can see raw video footage of developing events.

Below are the ways to find Facebook videos

  1. Using the #live hashtag in the search bar
  2.  Check  the person’s page’s video library
  3. Using the Facebook notification system
  4. Searching using the search engine
  5. Searching for previously watched videos
  6. Finding your own uploaded videos on Facebook
  7. Finding the videos you’re linked in any way.

Steps to find Facebook videos

  • Locate the search box at the top of the facebook profile page
  •  Choose the videos tap from the results
  • Scroll to the list till you find what you want

This will be more helpful if you’re looking for something to watch and not for specific information.

Facebook videos search with the Search engine

With the search engine, you can find Facebook videos. Once a facebook video content is indexed by the search engine, you can use it to locate the video. Just enter the ‘subject’ video.

Searching for live Facebook videos  

To see what someone has been uploaded live in your area, you have to use the ‘#live’ search operator in the facebook search.

Finding Videos from specific people from Facebook

When you know an uploader or you’re looking for a video from a particular company or brand, it can be a lot easier. Just scroll to the respective page and choose the video tab or video from the left menu. It’ll show a list of their videos so you can watch it.

Searching for a previously Watched Video

This is really interesting, even if you’ve watched a video on Facebook and you can’t remember where you found it, Facebook got your back. Follow these steps:

  • Choose the small menu arrow on top of the Facebook page
  • Choose activity log from the options
  • It’ll reveal a timeline page of everything you have done since you started using Facebook

This one can be scary huh?

It’ll show every page you’ve gone to, all the photos, all the videos. This depends on how much you use facebook.

The activity log can be very big, hence there’s a search box at the top of the, add ‘Video’ to it and search to define the log results only to videos.

Facebook Videos search for videos you Uploaded

Maybe you’re trying to find a video you upload instead of someone else’s video. You can just go to your own page, choose photos and scroll down to videos. You’ll see videos in grid that are your videos.

Finding Videos linked to you

Facebook has a wider video search and it really works well. So, type the video in the Facebook search box and you’ll get huge options. it’ll be ‘’videos by me’, videos I watched recently’, ‘videos shared by me’’ and so on. Choose from the options available.


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