File Transfer | How to Transfer Files & Pictures from Phone to PC Using Xender


File Transfer | How to Transfer Files & Pictures from Phone to PC Using Xender

 The fastest way for file transfer from phones to Computers is by using Xender web transfer. It’s fast, simple and easy to transfer files than other transfer methods. If you still suffer the hassles of delay and long time waiting in sending of files from your smartphones to your PC via Bluetooth, then you’re lagging behind.

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Over the years, we’ve been using Bluetooth for file transfer from our PC to our phones and we’ve all experienced an untold delay. So, if you’re still wondering how to solve this problem, I’ve good news for you.

In this article, I’ll be showing you the fast and easiest way to transfer a large number of files from your Smartphones to your PC with Xender. With Xender, you can easily transfer files with your phone to your PC without having to spend hours trying to send or transfers to your PC or from your PC.

File Transfer from Phone to Pc Using Xender

If you don’t have Xender on your phone, you’ve to download Xender and install it on your mobile phone or your tablet from the Google Play store.  Now that you’ve Xender on your phone, you can start the process of file transfer with your phone to your PC. It works for Windows 7, 8 and 10 or its equivalent.  And you don’t need to have a PC Xender app.

The first step is to tap and open the Xender app on your smartphone allows it to open.

Look for the Arrow pointing at a baby polar bear head. Click the drop-down arrow to show other options

  1. Then ,Click on ”connect to PC”.

2. Click on Create Hotspot (an orange indicator.)

3. Go to your PC to the Wi-Fi network, and locate the ‘’Xender  connected’’ Display below your taskbar

4. Click on Xender showing like this ‘’Xender_AP84be”

5. Open your PC web Brower (e.g. Chrome)

6. Copy the number ( you’re seen on your phone  Xender and paste it on your browser and click send

7. Your PC will show Please Click ‘’accept ‘’  on your phone

8. It’ll show you connect to PC? On your phone, Click accept on your phone immediately

9. Your  PC will display your Phone model and  some icons while your phone will show the files and folders in your phones

10. Click on the icon showing images to copy photos or videos to copy ( download or upload files), it’ll show images, videos, music, documents, apps, and files. So click on any one you want to transfer.

11. Click on the file you want to send from your phone to your PC and Click on download sign at the top left part of the Page,  to send it to your PC

Transfer from PC to Your Mobile Phone

If you want to send from your PC to your Phone, Click on Upload image or video as the case may be. It’ll show the videos you’ve in your PC or photos. Select it and click open, then click upload to send it to your phone.


It’s very fast and reliable

Big files can be transferred with ease

It’ saves time.

No data usage is involved.

It substitutes USB cable very well.


This method is very simple and easy. It doesn’t include the usage of internet data or network for transfer. However, you must ensure that your internet connection is off while transferring files.


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