American Visa Sponsorship Program

Free American Visa Sponsorship Program: Work Study and live in USA

 Free  American Visa Sponsorship Program, Work-Study and live in the USA

Have you been nursing the idea of traveling to the US with a free Visa sponsorship? Your dream could come to pass is you try the American Visa Sponsorship Program that’ll enable you to work, live and study in the USA.


The American Visa Sponsorship program is the easiest way people can travel to the US and work, Live or study with free sponsorship to support the Diversity immigration Visa (DV) Program Agency. It offers a lot of benefits, mostly the American Green Card (USA Visa).

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There’s a lot to benefit from this program for the successful winners of the American Visa Lottery applications.

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When should I apply for the Program?

Well the main  entry period for the DV-2023 Diversity Visa Program was between October 6, 2021, and November 9, 2021.

Entries are not being accepted presently, for the year 2023, you can always check on the site withing the this period year to know if the portal has opened for application

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Below are the benefits:

  • In the first place, winners have the opportunity to Live in the USA as free citizens (Free citizenship)
  • Winners can study with grants and sponsorship in the US
  • Offers US Green Card and also has a guaranteed workspace in the US. I must say that this is so amazing. With this offer and all the benefits that come from it, am sure that winners are very close to achieving their dreams.

Advantages of Having a Green Card

Now after people have made requests for immigration visas, the most requested Visas are now the US Green Card, all over the world. Below are the advantages:

  • Offers unlimited entry into the USA without US Visa
  • Holders will live in the US without restrictions in any US state of their choice
  • They can still hold on to their previous citizenship.
  • At the end of three or five years, an application for US citizenship is open to holders.
  • It gives holders the opportunity to travel and work as an employee. In this case, you don’t need a work visa again
  • Holders can choose their own employer
  • Offers immediate employment contracts and can easily
  • It makes it easy to get a business permit and license to trade
  • Holders can study in the US without a student Visa
  • Provides holders with a reduction in tuition fees up to 80%.
  • Offers legal and permanent immigration for retirement
  • Provides entitlement to pension insurance in the US and in holders’ countries.
  • Offers medical care and other social benefits in any US state.

NB: To get any of these benefits, you must have lived in the US for at least   5 years.

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Basic things that applicants must know about the American Visa Sponsorship program

  1. As an applicant, if you don’t have all the right schooling or training experience when applying for the Diversity Visa, you won’t qualify for immigration to the US.
  2. You must check the details at the to get the right qualification details
  3. As applicants, you won’t receive information by letter, mail, or phone.
  4. Ensure that you submit your application accordingly. However, you can always apply at It’s advisable you do your registration on time to avoid a last-minute rush.

You must know that while the application is totally free, winners will pay a fee to the U.S Embassy for clearance After their Visa interview.

Every winner must print their confirmation page clearly and also save the original code. This code is what you use to check your level of entry. You must keep and guide the page carefully.

As much as the program is quite free, it requires a very strict measure too.

Before you register, you’re to go through the register and read the instructions to avoid any risk. Make sure you use your functional email address.

Another thing is that you can only use your conformational code to check if you’re chosen for the entry. You can do this via an online entrant status check website.

Also, you must be aware of scammers who pose as officials in charge and wants to steal your money.

Bear in mind that the application if free of charge. US government doesn’t ask you for funds or payments via email or letter.

More Recommendations

It’ll be nice if you start your application process after reading this guideline. It’s a matter of the device you’re using as far as you can connect with the internet and a browser.

Note that the only you can apply for the Green Card Lottery is via the US Department of State website.

Its electronic Diversity Visa Entry form is usually available when the DV registration is open.

Then, you can now fill and submit it online because the Visa Entry form is usually available when the DV registration is open. Then, you can now fill and submit it online because you can’t download it.

Tips for Easy Acceptance

  • Good internet connection
  • You sponsorship type you want
  • Use of functional devices such as laptops or mobiles or tablets.
  • Providing your documents

Because you won’t be there to answer for yourself presently, you need a device that will fasten your application process.

How to get the application approval online
  • Profile: Good profile will be very good in helping you defend your documentation. Just read the instructions carefully and follow the questions with clarity in your answers.
  • Providing correct and clear details: You must always use your clear and correct details for any application process online. This will increase your chances of approval. Review the application more than once before you submit it. Ensuring this will rid you of some unnecessary mistakes.
  1. Make use of approved documents such as the PDF or necessary system format. So, you have to make some inquiries about the best form of documentation for the process. Don’t forget to follow up on the instructions and guidelines for easy approval.
  • Use an active email address for easy notification. You need an accessible email address for other guidelines you need to complete the process.

Also, try to find out if someone you know or that knows someone that has done a similar thing before for prior knowledge of what is expected. This will help you to prepare better






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