Free Article Spinner | How to rewrite article in one minute


Free Article Spinner | How to rewrite article in one minute

Free article spinner is a wonderful website that can help you rewrite an article in less than one minute. It’s really trusted among many article rewriter platforms.

free article spinner

It’s a great paraphrasing tool that can transform any article into another readable text and original content. I know that you’ll be asking about ‘Plagiarism’. But the fact is that this app/website has a way of rewriting an article such that it won’t have any plagiarism while retaining the original content.

How to   rewrite an article using Free article Spinner

 To rewrite an article using the article spinner, all you have to do is to copy the original article and page it in the box created for the article to be rewritten and click on edit. The article will be edited with new words that match the one used in the first article. Then, copy the article after it’s been rewritten and past it in your new writing platform which can be either MS Word or Google Keep note or any other writing platform.

After this, you can do a minor correction on the rewritten article and save. If it’s a blog post or article to be published, make sure that check for plagiarism before you make your post.

For most people, this article might look strange while to others, it’s amazing.

Importance’s of free article spinner

This site/app is very important to writers and most bloggers, news writers and so on. In most cases, these people don’t have enough time to develop an article because of time schedules.

However, with this tool, they can deliver up to the number of articles they want in a short while, by using this article rewriter on similar stories they have been writing by another writer.

Why it Article Spinner Necessary

Well, it may sound unprofessional in the first place. Just like someone like me, I like writing my article word to word and ensuring that it looks the way I want it to.

But on the second thought, It’s quite difficult to develop an article from scratch. Most times it’s time-consuming and requires much effort and some level of expertise, good language command, and patience to do so.

However, sometimes, you’ll need to write something but you don’t have the strength, time and comfort to do so. Then, you can try this tool to help you out.

But you must take time to read through the article after it’s rewritten by the tool to make sure that errors are removed. By so doing, you’ll rid the article of plagiarism and some errors.

 It’s also important you hire people to write for you when you think you’re too busy to develop an article by yourself. But some people, after considering the cost of hiring a pro, then, go-ahead to use the article spinner.

How it works

 Though, the tool will spin the article to develop a new version of it in a good paraphrased article.

The tool is automated software that rewrites a text or a newsletter. It’s good in blog posts in that it changes the original content by changing some of the words with a similar one to retain the original meaning.

Who uses the Tool

It’s most used by article writers for blogs, publications, websites, marketing agencies, administrators to imitate an existing or a competing content while still retaining original.

Benefits of using Article Spinner Tool
  1. Time management– it helps to save time you’ve have used to create one article for many articles.
  2. There’s efficiency- you can now develop more content in the shortest time available with original content.
  3. Makes content writing easier and one can create content anywhere they are.
  4. Improves SEO management
  5. If you use it well, it’ll improve your writing skills by improving your vocabulary and making your content more unique.

How to use the article spinner

You can start by using one of the free article spinners by visiting Enter the first content. It’ll now take you to the spinner dashboard. Click on the Captcha text, if it marks it good(I’m not a robot). Tap on the Spin Text button below the page.

A new paraphrase of the original article will appear on the right side of the box. Copy it and paste it in your new page and post or publish as the case may be.

Precautions in using this article rewriter Tool

After rewriting this article, you just have to take some time to read through the article again to check some obnoxious words in the new content.

Then, simplify the words and make some corrections before you post.  Most times, the software doesn’t use the right words to replace a particular word in terms of contextual meaning.

 You shouldn’t leave the software to do everything. Learn to be more creative in using this tool to get the best out of it.

After rewriting, use any plagiarism checker tool to confirm if the article is free from plagiarism before publishing it.


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