Free Facebook Login: How to sign up for Facebook free

Free Facebook Login: How to sign up for Facebook free

Facebook Step By Step Guide for Free Facebook login

Facebook is a dominating social media site that almost everyone can’t do without. You can enjoy free Facebook login if you have signed up. Facebook has a lot of benefits both for individuals and companies as well.


To successfully sign up for a Facebook account and enjoy the free Facebook login, just follow the steps below:

  1. Visit the website at
  2. Then it’ll request you to enter your real name, email, or your mobile phone number, password, date of birth, and gender.
  3. When the system indicates that your password is not strong enough, try to add more characters or combine it with uppercase and lowercase letters.
  4. Then click on create an account (remember that you must be 18 years and above to apply).
  5. To conclude, you’ll have to confirm the email address or mobile phone number that you entered in the first place.
  6. If you want to confirm the email, click or tap on the link in the confirmation email. Thereafter confirm the mobile phone. You also, need to write the code that you receive by SMS in the confirm box. The box will appear when you log in.

How to sign up for FB with Mobile- Free Facebook login

Here what you have to do first to create a Facebook account is install the Facebook app on your mobile phone.

To achieve this, go to the right app store for your device (App Store for iPhone users and Google Play for Android users).

Search for the Facebook app in the relevant stores and download it.

If you have a space problem on your mobile, you can download Facebook Lite(iOS or Android), which is also the reduced version of the Facebook app.

  • As you download and install the app, open it. On the home screen, click ‘’Create Facebook account’’.
  • Now on the screen which appears next, click the next
  • Write your name and your last name
  • Fill in your date of birth
  • Enter your gender
  • Fill in your mobile number to verify
  • Choose a password
  • To conclude this, click register. If there is a problem with your password, the system will ensure you go back to change it.

Then you’re ready. The app will log in automatically. Ensure to tell it to remember your password so that you can enter just by clicking on the app without having to enter your details again.

How to Login to Facebook

Now that you have created your Facebook account using the guide above, it’s to Login with the steps below:

  1. Go to the official Facebook site
  2. Enter the email or number you used to register for the app.
  3. Fill in your Facebook password.
  4. Click the sign-in button ‘’Sign in’’.

Note: As you log in for the first time, you’ll get a message appearing to ask to Save or remember your Password. So, if you want o save it, Click on ‘’Accept or Save’’ and your session will automatically enter anytime you enter Facebook from the device you’re using.

How to Login to Facebook with Mobile-Mobile login to Facebook

You can log in to Facebook with your mobile with the steps below:

  • Go to the Facebook app and write the email or phone number you registered with within the space available.
  • Enter the registered password and click on the ‘’Login’’ option.

Here, you don’t need to log in to Facebook each time you’re using a Facebook app on your mobile.

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Free Facebook Login with Profile Picture-Login with Profile Picture

When using the internet, we all get tired as we login into communication platforms, music or film streaming services, or social networks using our credentials.

Whether it’s Twitter or Instagram, we can access your accounts using email, phone number, or username. But for Facebook, the commonest login process is indicating the email address.

It’s the same email address with which you signed up for the social network and the corresponding password.

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In the first place, it should be noted that the feature that was activated some time ago isn’t for everyone. So, many people may like to be able to enter Facebook by just clicking on their profile screen where they have to enter their email address and password.

How to Activate Facebook Photo Login
  • Now to activate this function, you first have to log in to your Facebook account from your browser.
  • Then click on the tab shown in the upper right part of the window.
  • Choose the settings and privacy option.
  • In the next step, you’ll see a new page showing a menu on the left side.
  • So, Among the Menu options, you’ll look for security and login.
  • Click on this option, other several sections will show in the central part of the page.
  • Tap on the save login information and then click on the Edit button.
  • You’ll now see two options appearing to use to activate or deactivate it.
  • However, if you want to activate the Login with your profile photo, you must select the option of Save Facebook Login

As soon as this is on, you can log out and go back to Facebook to check that you have activated or deactivated the Facebook session with the profile photo correctly.

If you now log out of the Facebook session, you’ll see a screen showing your photo appears. So, you just have to click on it to ask you to enter your password and you can now enter.

How to add more Facebook account options

To achieve this, you’ll see from the screen to add other accounts so that you can log in as you can do with their photo and also from the computer’s browser.

You’ll just have to click on the box that says ‘’Add account’’. As you click on the cross icon, a new menu displays automatically.

Here the person you’ll want o to add will be a secondary account. You’ll have to add their credentials too (Email and Password).

As you do this, click on ‘’Log in’’. If the person permits you to add their credentials and have it saved on your computer, then, check the ‘’ Remember Password’’ option. If you don’t want, skip the step.


You must agree that entering the password each time to log in with Facebook can be tedious. To prevent this from becoming boring, Facebook decided to create other login alternatives. So, you have to choose the one that soothes you.

Well, if you’re tired of entering passwords. You can actually log in without having to do that. Just have on hand the phone number that you used to register your Facebook account.

Go to the Facebook login page and enter your email, choose the option ‘’login with the phone’’. A new page will show up and you’ll see a QR code.

The code will be scanned with the phone using a phone camera. You’ll get the guide from your phone as you do that.

How to Login FB without Email

Well for most people, entering Facebook with an email and password is already a tradition. However, you can add your phone number in the rectangular where the email is placed then the entry will be automatic without using email for your Free Facebook Login.

What can I do I don’t have a Phone Linked to the Facebook account? In this case, go to your account settings, add your contact number and you can access it without using mail.

However, you can get guaranteed security to the account by associating it with a phone. This will prevent others from entering without your permission.


If you want to enter Facebook invisibly so that your contacts don’t know that you’re connected. People do this because they don’t want their friends to know that they are online. In other cases, they don’t want to chat with anyone at that time.

So, if this is the case, I’ll show you how to do that. Just go to chat settings, click on the option ‘ appear offline for all contacts’’.

 With this, you’ll have the freedom to connect anytime you want.  You won’t have the fear of your friends see that you’re connected and don’t want to chat. With this, you won’t appear in their online contact lists.

So, it’s now up to be to take care of your ‘’Likes’’, comments or publications, since these actions can show that you were present at the time. This is because if you take these actions, it’ll appear in the news history and your friends will see the time as well.

Free Facebook Login: How to Login With Username Only

There are more and more options to enter a Facebook account. One of the ways to achieve this is through your email. With a simple touch, use the QR code or the name of your user. This modality has been for years and this is why many people use this option.


Now that you’re on Facebook, you need to give it life and color. Just being yourself and not a bot. You have a few requirements to meet these follows:

  • Select your profile picture for Facebook. Here it’s time to select a profile photo that everyone will recognize that it’s you to reach more people.
  • Then look for friends, co-workers, former classmates, and so on.
  • Privatize- Here you’ll decide who will see your profile and also, who will not. As you enter Facebook, you have the power to do everything you do. However, you can set privacy limits. We also recommend that you do this from the beginning. But if you don’t, you’ll end up forgetting it and you’ll have an account that’s open to everyone. If you want to change the privacy, just go to your account settings and click on the privacy section. Here in the panel, you can change all the details you want.
  • Finding friends via Mail- You can find out about all the people who have Facebook in your neighborhood through their emails.

So, as you have created your personal Facebook account, you can interact with friends and acquaintances. You’ll receive notifications or groups or events that you’ll like and keep up to date.

How to Recover My Facebook Account-FB Recovery

As you are entering a Facebook portal to enter into your account, you will likely have problems with the login. It may not allow you to access it. I want to enter Facebook but I can’t, what will I do now?

Here Facebook will ask you to validate the identity of your account.

To prove this, you have many alternatives to confirm if you’re really the owner of the account. Some of the alternatives are below:

Identify friends: Now the friend identifier is a filter that the social network uses to check if you really are the owner of the profile that you’re claiming.

It consists of choosing users from your friend list. For example, their pictures will appear and you must indicate who they are.  Now the idea is that you manage to recognize them because it’s your account.

Seek Support from a Friend: This is another way to try to get your Facebook account back through a friend.  Facebook will put you in contact with the user you choose. The person you’ll tell to help access your profile. From there, you’ll be indicated the way in which they can give you their support. This will allow the prompt recovery of your FB account.

Date of Birth: They’ll ask you for the date of birth to check the validity of the user. Because it’s personal data, it has to be handled by the owner.

However, if you fail to give the right information, the system will detect that you’re an imposter.

So, remember to put the date of birth that is indicated on the day you registered on the Facebook app.


Facebook Fan Pages are for promoting companies and brands. Also, you can use them to get in touch with other fans of artists. It’s also for promoting a website or blog or creating a community around a topic that interests you. To create a Facebook page, just follow the steps below:

  • Visit the Facebook page creation site at
  • In the profile, go to the top right corner, and you’ll see the link to your personal profile. Locate the icon like this + and click on it. As a menu displayed, it’ll show a series of options to create other things like announcements, groups, events, publication in the marketplace, then select  ‘’Page’’.
  • A new dashboard will display with a preview and a panel on the left to fill the data for your Page. Select the name you want to give to your business page on Facebook. The Category of organization your business belongs to and what you offer. After that, click on the ‘’Create Page’’ option.
  • Then you’ll see 2 new fields appearing for you to choose your profile and cover image. Then click on it and choose an image among the different files on your portable device. For the cover photo, you can drag it to adjust it and then make it look nicer.
  • Proceed to check that all is fine by clicking on the preview icons. This will allow you to see how your page looks from a computer or mobile.
  • Lastly, click o the save button and you’re done. Thereafter Facebook will automatically direct you to your new company or your brand page.


Free Facebook Login: Facebook offers you the best and latest information about events, friends, and colleagues. It’s indeed a powerful tool for communication that one can hardly do without presently. If you’re not on Facebook, you’re actually missing a lot.

This guide on how to log in to Facebook will help you access your Facebook and also do all you want to do on Facebook. Facebook, can run ads to reach more fans, audiences,s or prospective clients. Wow, this really nice!



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