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 Many take advantage of the free Facebook to chat with their friends and send messages for free. However, not everyone is aware of the free Facebook. Now you know that you can use Facebook with data and send messages. If you’re still wondering what this means, Free Facebook means Zero Facebook. This means that you can use your Facebook without Data. It’s very easy and quite good to use. However, you can’t view photos or watch views from Facebook.

free facebook

Where can I use Free Facebook Free?

Every Facebook user can use Facebook for free on their device, be it a desktop computer or mobile phone that can browse.

If you have been using Facebook, give this a try. You’ll find it very useful when you ran out of data. Even though you have data and still want to enjoy the Facebook zero, you’re in for a good treat.

The Free Facebook

It’s a zero Facebook initiative by Facebook to make everyone enjoy some Facebook services irrespective of whether they have data or not. It’s possible with good collaboration with phone network providers. The network providers waive data charges for using Facebook on phones without viewing videos or pictures.

It’s achievable via the stripped-down text-only version of the mobile website. The version is available online just between the network providers that entered the agreement with Facebook owners.

So, you can use Facebook by default without the photos or videos being loaded. But if you choose to view any videos or images, you’ll have to pay the regular charges for using the services.

About the Free Facebook

Research shows that the plans for this service were first started or announced at the Mobile world congress in February 2010 by Chamath Palihapitiya According to Wikipedia. This was in collaboration with about 50 mobile operators around the world. So, it was then launched on May 18, 2010.

However, the Facebook zero is seen as a Zero-rated for giving free bandwidth for some of their services and features. Though some are filtered out from the Facebook zero.

It includes a stripped-down version of Facebook which is available for smartphone users across the world. This service is available in emerging markets to solve the issues of data insufficiency.

In addition, Facebook provides technical assistance to the partner carriers so that they don’t have a high cost on this usage. In fact, Facebook offers Zero Facebook as one of the carrier’s free basic data plans.

 Who can use Facebook Free

Well, Anyone can use it. All you need is the interest and with your Smartphone and a Facebook account. As far as you have an account on Facebook and wish to use it, you’re good to go.

One thing to know is that it’s just available for some internet providers. However, if you can’t access it, it means that the network isn’t in collaboration with Facebook.

It’s very simple and users love it. I have a friend you chat all the time using this platform and it’s working well for. Unless you want to view a view or photos, you can now use your data.

This service is optional as users can switch to the regular Facebook where they get charged for data services. But if you want to continue on these services, it’s up to you.

How can I connect to Facebook without Data?

Because most mobile apps and sites use data if not connected to WiFi, hence the need for collaboration. Facebook works with mobile carriers or internet providers in order to discount data charges for users.

This means that if you’re using a SIM card from the carriers in collaboration with the FB, you won’t be charged to connect and have conversations on Facebook.

Steps to connect to Free Facebook

If you really want to connect to Zero Facebook, it’s simple and you can do it with your Android or any smartphone or your computer. Use the steps below to connect if you don’t know how to connect:

Connecting with Computer

  1. On your device, visit via your internet-connected browser.
  2. Log in to your account using your email address or phone number and your password

Connecting on Android Device:

  1. Just open your main Facebook app or your Facebook lite app
  2. If your network provider is eligible,it’ll show you options to connect to Facebook without data or charges
  3. After this, log in to your account and start using your Facebook.






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