Fring calls | How to Make Free audio & video VoIP Calls on mobile phones


Fring calls | How to Make Free audio & Mobile VoIP Calls

Fring is an app for free video and audio calls both for two persons and for group calls as well. It’s a VoIP client and service that enable users to make free VoIP calls, chat, and send instant messages and other services using your mobile devices and phones.


This app is designed for mobile phones and similar portable devices. Users enjoy all the benefits of a PC-bases VoIP client on mobile phones.

With this app, you can call four friends or your family across the world. Just like Facebook and skype, you make video calls on iOS devices and Android devices.

It comes with a built-in feature that enable users to make calls with 3G, 4G or Wi-Fi internet connections.  You’ll enjoy its best video quality on 4G and Wi-Fi connections. Soon there’ll be much-improved network bank to enhance usage.

How Fring works

It’s interesting and fun making video calls and audio calls without paying a dime on your mobile device. All you need to do is to download the app and install it on your device from Google play store or your device app store. All calls here are free, you only have to pay for the data on your network services like 3G, GPRS, EDGE, or Wi-Fi, 4G. If you’re using this app, you’ll likely save above 95% of what you should spend on mobile call communication.

Setting up your account
  • When you have downloaded the app, create a Fring user ID and password
  • Set your profile picture and attach your account to your email address
  • Put your phone number and create a list of your Fring buddies.
  • You can add friends that are already on this platform by searching for their ID or Use the ‘’Search Address book’’ option. on

From the process above, you can choose from our contact on your mobile phone library and check for a match. When there’s a match, the contact will add automatically. However, if there’s no match, the app shows you the option of inviting contact via SMS.

The workings are very simple because of the friendly and engaging interface it has. It has a springboard strip at the bottom of the screen with icons for your profile, history, buddy list, more and a dialer.

From there, you can set your contact image, on the ‘’ more page’  and manage your active sessions. Proceed to install your add-ons, scroll through your history and add to your buddy list.  Go through your messenger, Google talks Yahoo, AIM and ICQ accounts.

You’ll achieve this from the ‘’Stream Icon’’, Twitter and Facebook updates.  In the ‘’Settings page’’, you’ll see a toggle push notifications for your Fring calls, chats Facebook and Twitter notifications.  It comes with a ‘’Stream’’ feature that’s only available with the iOS version. This feature enables you to update your status across this app, Facebook, and Twitter simultaneously.

The services

  1. Offers free calls with 3G, EDGE, GPRS and Wi-Fi on mobile phones
  2. Compatible with other voice applications such as Skype, MSN, Messenger, ICQ, Google Talk, SIP and Twitter.
  3. Provides free calls to PCs and mobile phones
  4. Offers cheap calls to PSTN with services such as SkypeOut, Gizmo, VoIP Stunt, and others
  5. Functional in most smartphones
  6. There are auto-roams on Wi-Fi hotspots.

How to make video calls and Group calls

When you want to make any of these calls, tap on the friend’s name on the Buddy list. Once it opens the contact page, the user can either choose an option to call, video call, chat or group chats with that very contact.  If you want to switch to any of the call, you’ve to hang up one before you can switch to another.

Though, if it’s a regular call with one friend, your caller’s video will take a full screen of your device, then, the receiver shows at the bottom-left of the app.

There’re 3 buttons showing on the screen, one of them is to switch between back and front-facing cameras. While the other 2 buttons are the speakerphone and the hang-up button.

For group calls, choose a contact and click on the group video button. Once connected, add and invite other contacts to the group video call one after the other as you click on the ‘’plus icon’’ on the bottom at the left corner of the screen. After adding 4 contacts the screen will show live visual feeds for all the people, and then you’ll see on the call 2 x 2 layout.

How to save money Using Fring app

When you use this app, you’ll get a low/cheap call rate on landlines and mobile phones. You’ll be charged from $0.01 per minute in the U.S on Landlines.  While mobile phones will charge you $0.31 cents per minute to lines in other countries. If you buy ‘fringout’’ credit or subscription via the app.


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