Fully Funded Canadian Scholarships For Nigerian Students

Fully Funded Canadian Scholarships – For Nigerian Students 2022/2023

Fully Funded Canadian Scholarships: For Nigerian Students 2022/2023

For decades now, intelligent and smart students have been competing in these Canadian scholarships made available for both Nigerians and international countries as well.

Fully Funded Canadian Scholarships For Nigerian Students

This article will provide an in-depth guideline about the number of scholarship privileges for both Nigerian students and students from other countries in Canada. I know even if this article drops, they will be tons of existing applications already.

Before we start, you can as well use this link to check all current scholarships in Canada for international students. Again, the link can also be used to access the list of universities in Canada without any application fees because some scholarships perform better upon securing admission to school in that country.

You can also assess other institutions, their admission requirements, the career opportunities of the International Students.

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Why did you choose Canada?

Numerous reasons can be listed as why people chose to study in Canada which include

  • Firstly, when you study in Canada, you stand a great chance of getting a well-paying job than others.
  • Secondly, there is a huge difference between the quality of Education in Canada and that of Nigeria and other African countries.
  • Thirdly, those that study in Canada stand the opportunity of the embrace and respect in their local communities and in their respective offices and homes.
  • Fourthly,, studying in Canada provides you the opportunity to connect with other people from different countries like India, China, Asia, and Africa. In fact all over the globe.
  • The last but not least, studying in Canada gives room to learn western or foreign cultures, values, and languages. Canadian University tuition fee is always low to compare other universities from other parts of the world.
  • The next is that the Canadian University certificate is generally accepted worldwide. Can you even beat that? And also the course duration in Canada is very much lesser than that of other countries in Africa and other countries, for example, medicine and surgery in Nigeria are six years long, but in Canada, it is four years maximum. Interesting right?

Applying For Scholarships To Study In Canada?

Majorly, these Canadian scholarships are mostly made available for students all over the world but due to this particular article, it will be all about Canadian scholarships for Nigerian students.

However, the nature of the scholarships, the offering bodies in charge, and the scholarship that varies from others are the factors that sometimes affect the motivations behind the scholarships.

And that’s why we have decided to make known this opportunity, the application periods, and the method of entry.

The Canadian Scholarships For Nigerian Students

They are so many opportunities for Nigerian students including the opportunity to study in Canada, it also covers those in Europe, and the U.S.A to partake in the scholarships.  So you see, everyone no matter where you are can partake in the scholarship. It’s not for only those in Nigeria or Canada.

How to apply for Conestoga College International Entrance Scholarship

Conestoga college’s student financial service receives up to 400 awards, bursaries, and scholarships which are worth more than $4.8 Million per year.

Applicants can even find all the awards made available through students’ financial services in the Awards lists. For you to be qualified for these awards, candidates must submit an award application each semester.

Sometimes, most schools organize programs for these awards. And to learn everything about program-specific awards, contact the program coordinator.

Information about E.O. International Peace Scholarship (I.P.S.) 

The international peace scholarship was founded in the year  1949 as a platform that provides scholarships for chosen women all over the world.

These scholarships are made available for graduates who desire to school in the U.S and Canada.

Members are of the opinion that education is fundamental to world peace and understanding. Also, the highest amount given to a student does not exceed $12,500. From past experiences, lesser amounts may be awarded to all these international students, depending on personal needs.

Registering for Ted Rogers Scholarships

These Ted Rogers scholarships are also among the Canadian scholarship for students, especially the international ones and it was created to honor the founder who is Ted Rogers.

The launching of the scholarships was done in the year 2017 with the intention of ensuring the success of Canadians in helping young people across the world succeed in their educational ambitions.

Up to $10,000 is awarded to each candidate of the Ted Rogers school of management undergraduate entrance scholarships, through these amazing scholarships.

International U.B.C. Future Forests Fellowships In Canada, 2022.

When it comes to forestry, the University of British Columbia is one of the world’s best.

Because they are the best, the people in charge of the faculty of forestry at the university now offer the highest single grant which is up to $280,000 for a forestry student in the school block.

York University International Entrance Scholarships 

This university is all about inviting students who desire to undertake Bachelor’s studies at the York university international entrance scholarships in Canada in Ontario, and Toronto.

Interestingly, York University is Canada’s third-largest university worldwide and it’s well known all over the world.

The school contains more than 52,300 students, 7000 large faculty and staff, and also 295,000 alumni worldwide.

Functions in Canada

The application deadline for the scholarships sometimes lasts till January.

That’s why we encourage students to start accessing the scholarship updates for any changes  to be fully utilized in growing the nation Canada

In a period like that, a prize is always given to the all-around best students of any diploma program they attended.

Again, the selection procedure is always based on academic performance and the student’s active participation in their extra curriculum activities around the college community.If you are searching for Fully Funded Canadian Scholarships For Nigerian Students strive to grab this.

There are up to 16x $3000 scholarships to be given out to the student’s account now.

Dalhousie University Master and Ph.D. Scholarship in Canada

This Dalhousie university in Canada bases only on applicants who desire the masters and Ph.D. scholarships. (Canada 2022). It’s a nice fully funded Canadian scholarship for Nigerian students to apply.

If you are interested in this, you are encouraged to apply before the deadline period of the entry. The worth of the scholarship is $30,000 per year

Knights Of Columbus Scholarships (2022/2023)

Between the year 2017 till date’s academic year, the knights of Columbus have awarded up to 500 scholarships equaling more than $711,519.27.

Most applicants are those who desire a bachelor’s degree at all catholic degrees. The scholarship value includes $278,750 in grants up to 113 seminarians in Canada and U.S.

Anyone can gain access to the scholarship information via this portal for the application period and dates.

But for now, the knights of Columbus scholarship is of two different categories which are


Any student that wants to apply must be a child of a late

Member of the Knight of Columbus.

The students must be willing to start their first year in college(catholic) in the U.S and they must be full-time students.


The candidates applying must be a son/daughter of a late member. And should be prepared to start the first year in college.

In conclusion,

Fully Funded Canadian Scholarships For Nigerian Students to study in Canada is real.  The above mentioned are not the only scholarship made available for Nigerian students. But those ones are the most researched for.





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