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Fully Funded Danish Scholarship with Free Visa image

Apply for the new fully funded Danish scholarship with a free visa; apply to study at Aarhus University in Denmark.

fully funded Danish scholarship

Before that, you can only apply if you are interested in starting your Master’s program in any of these mentioned subjects; Arts, Business and Social Sciences, Natural Sciences, Health, and Technical Sciences.

In the Danish state university, the application deadline varies according to the course you are applying for.

There is a no different application form for the scholarship. Applicants are to apply for admission into Aarhus University.

It is from the list of new students that grantees will sort out qualified students that can access the scholarship and enjoy grant of the full fund throughout 23 months in school.

That takes our mind back to a qualified level of study. Students are being fully informed on the academic cycle that is accessible and recognized under a fully funded Danish scholarship with a free visa.

We intend to bring to your notice that only the Master’s program is a recognizable level of study in this scholarship scheme by  Danish.

However, selected students will be undertaken by Aarhus university which is the institution facilitating the program in order to enable or assist high aiming students to accomplish their goal in academics.

In that case, permit me to walk you through the application procedure and other additional details that will help you have a full overview of this fully funded Danish university with a free visa.

You must be fluent in the English language. That being said, your English proficiency test will be needed.

Place of Study-Fully Funded Danish Scholarship

As we are highlighting the criteria that will make you a qualified candidate, we are also touching on other parts which include the benefits of applying for this scholarship.

You should know that Aarhus university in Denmark is the higher institution responsible for undertaking selected international students.

Application Deadline

As mentioned earlier, the application deadline varies according to the course you are subjected to. Also, note that the scholarship application is the same as the admission application deadline because they are all pointing at the same program.

See the deadline according to faculties below;

Arts – 15th January 2021.

Natural Science – 15th January 2021.

Health – 15th January 2021.

Business and Social Sciences – 15th January 2021.

Technical Sciences – 15th January 2021.

Neuroscience – 1st March 2021.

Journalism – 10th January 2021.

Neuroimaging – 1st March 2021.

Media – 10th January 2021.

Soils and Global change – 28th February 2021

Globalization – 10th January 2021.

Only the first five subjects are fully funded by the scholarship grant. Others are just for simple admission application. It was included in case you are interested in enrolling in any of the added subjects.

Eligibility Requirements

Students are  allowed to apply for the fully-funded Danish scholarship with a free visa if they meet all the stated prerequisites below;

Only for European, non-European. and Swiss citizens. This means that all the students in the globe are qualified.

You can get an admission into the university through any connection but only eligible subjects that are already listed as eligible subjects worthy of funds can be funded.

It is a 2 years program and only 23 months will be funded. So, if you are offering a course that will demand an exceeded duration, do not plan to apply.

English requirement must be met by applicants. Ensure that your English proficiency test is available during application.

Your academic transcripts and other additional documents is important during application so make it available.

Fully Funded Danish Scholarship with Free Visa

Start and complete a Master’s degree pursuit in any of the listed eligible subjects only if it’s your course. The Danish scholarship with free visa is ongoing  and you have  till January 2021 to submit your application completely.

Note that, there is no link, platform, or website for scholarship application. You must enroll in the program to get admission in any of the qualified Master’s courses before you will be considered as a candidate worthy of enjoying free studies in Denmark.

Simply apply here – https://kandidat.au.dk/en/admission/tuition-fees-and-scholarships/scholarship-programmes/.

Get an unconditional admission into Aarhus University in Denmark. Get ready to travel to Denmark to further your studies for free. It’s possible if you have the scholarship offer from Danish State scholarship grantees.



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