GB Whatsapp | Steps to Use Two Whatsapp Accounts one Phone


GB Whatsapp | Steps to Use Two Whatsapp Accounts one   Phone

GB Whatsapp – I know you may at one time or the other wish you’ve two Whatsapp accounts. Social media has gone to the next level that people can virtually do their business online without having to have a shop or going to the mall. Two Whatsapp accounts can help you operate two accounts, one for your personal things and friends while the other for your business and professional activities.

GB Whatsapp

It’ll be very interesting if this feature is in the regular WhatsApp that we all have on our phones. But that’s not available now. It would have been so nice to have it in our phones originally normal Whatsapp.

There’re a lot of apps that you’ll use for this purpose since it isn’t on your regular WhatsApp. I would have been awesome if it’s available in the new Whatsapp 2018 and the latest Whatsapp of 2019 and 2020.

However, instead of trying several apps just because you want to operate two WhatsApp accounts, I recommend you use this separate app available for this purpose. The special Whatsapp is called GBWhatsapp.

It’s made to serve you in the capacity of operating two Whatsapp accounts. With GBWhatsapp, you can separate your personal and business/professional messages by creating parallel accounts on the same phone.

This is a very nice thing to have on our phones. So, in this article; I will show you how to get the GBWhatsapp app on your Android phone.

Why you should get GB WhatsApp

Well, I might be saying that the regular is okay for you. That’s your personal opinion, you don’t know about me or about your friends who want to get to the next level of their profession or business. You who has a target of reaching more audience and create a stronger relationship

GBWhatsapp doesn’t offer only the parallel account services; it helps you get rid of common limitations in your regular WhatsApp. Limitations like these ones below are handled by GBWhatsapp:

  • Media size limitation for transfer
  • Inability to copy one’s status on the regular WhatsApp
  • Once broadcast message to only a few selected people
  • Can’t open two different accounts on the same phone
  • Character restrictions for the group name and many more

offers the Following Services

  • Sending of high size files up to 50MB
  • Ability to customize the look of your WhatsApp with nice and colorful themes
  • Your group names have a maximum limit of 35 characters unlike the regular Whatsapp
  • Ability to do an open broadcast of messages to about 500 people at once
  • No limitation to the number of pictures to select
  • No third-party app locker
  • Ability to customize your notification icon of the app and the app icon on the launcher.

How to install GB WhatsApp Apk on Android Phone

Follow the steps below to download  WhatsApp APK

  1. Check unknown sources on your phone, in case you’ve never installed any third party Apk app   Go to your Settings and tap on security, It’ll show you a checkbox close to the icon that says ‘’unknown sources’’.
  2. It shows you a warning that you’re solely responsible for downloading from unknown Click Ok. If you are afraid, after downloading this app, you may disable this option.
  3. Go to your File Manager on your phone and tap APK that you downloaded from this article. Then, it leads you to the package installer screen        where you can click on the install button to
  4. Wait for the app to install completely, click on open to load the GBWhatsApp.

That’s all; you’ve successfully downloaded the app and installed it.

How to Setup your Dua WhatsApp accounts on GBWhatsApp
  • Set up your account just like you normally do on your Regular Whatsapp
  • If like, you can copy all the data on our original WhatsApp to the GBWhatsApp
  • Since WhatsApp keeps your regular backups every, it’ll restore it to the new app as soon as you install it.
  • Since you’ve one account in your normal WhatsApp and another on the new The GBWhatsApp should be working with separate SIM on your phone or in your parallel phone. You can use it without it interfering with each other.

GB WhatsApp offers you great themes and lots   of things like tweaking how the header looks at how the chat screen looks and many more

From this, you can see that combining your business/ professional WhatsApp messages with your regular chats will be clumsy and unprofessional.

I hope you’ll really explore the features in GBWhatsApp and you won’t have anything regret. It’s fun and convenient.

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