Good Business Ideas | Some Business You Can Start With Little Or No Money


Good Businesses Ideas | Some  Business You Can Start With Little Or No Money

Good business ideas – Here are good Business ideas to help you start your own business with little or no money. There are things that people can’t do without, yet they don’t have and you have it for free. Use your skills and abilities to create wealth for you.

good business ideas

While the early hours of Monday, workers and businessmen and women are already getting themselves ready for work. Most time mothers seem to be the first to wake. As early as 4 .am wives or single mothers are up preparing children and everyone for the week’s activities.

Little wonder I ponder over what takes people out of their home that early. For some people, it’s their businesses, but for most people, it’s their Paycheck that gets them out of their bed that early.

Most people always dream of being their own boss one day and running their own businesses. But sadly as the case is this never comes so early or easily as they think. While thousands of people go out there in search of a paying job, and the fear of losing the one you’ve keeps you a daily routine every day.

One of the major challenges in starting up your own business is lacking the very startup capital. But this shouldn’t stop you from going out there and striking something of your own if that’s your dream.  There’re a lot of businesses out there that you can start with little or no capital. In this article, you’ll be shown some of these businesses that you can start with little or no money.

 Good business ideas- Businesses you can start with little or no money

1. Turning your favorite hobby into a day job

One of the easiest ways you can start up something for yourself instead of depending on a paycheck on a monthly basis. I am not saying that monthly paycheck is not good, but I am talking specifically for those whose dreams have been to own their own business. I have no doubt that some persons can do better working for a paycheck, but some are also made to believe in owning and running their own business.

You can turn that your hobby into a money-making avenue and before you know it, you’ll start making lots of money from your hobby without having to spend any money in starting your business. This  is one of the  good business ideas that can change your income for good

Such good businesses you can start with no money include making of jewelry, making of necklaces and bracelets. You can make the necklaces and sell them to people and make money from them. One good thing about this is that the materials are cheap to buy. Also, you don’t have to pay for a shop or any government taxes because you’re making them from the comfort of your home.

2. Running errands and shopping for others

This kind of business can be put into the category of personal assistance business. With your spare time, you can run errands, and do other chores for professionals who won’t have the time to do it. In addition, to what you’re doing, you can start this up and employ others to help you in case you can to enlarge the business.

Most of these golfers and film shooting companies require one to assist in carrying their gadgets. You can make as much as $20 or $30 dollars assisting them. This is pretty enough for your spare time and it’s among the best business ideas you can start with no money

3. Personal training

This is one of the Good business ideas For those of you who are gym nuts, you have a great opportunity to make a living out of it. Personal trainers are big shots these days since most people prefer to have them trained by a personal trainer. Some of the world’s prominent personal trainers like Mark Jenkins and P. Daddy receive six figures conducting personal training for people in the U.s.

4. Personal Shopping

Are you a personal shopper and your clients will be grateful while paying you for your time and services? To be successful at this, you have lots of experience, talent and conversant with the market situation. You’ll start by knowing what your clients want and getting it right at the right season.

5. Closet Organizer

You can do a lot of organizing a closet for others. You can help these Type citizens to organize their wardrobe. It may include throwing out the old stuff, providing the right replacement and tidying up the wardrobe.

One of the best criteria needed here is patience and more of the organizational skills. You shouldn’t ignore or pretend not to have any talent. We’re all blessed with one talent or the other. Just discover our own and use it to make money for yourself.

Other Good Business Ideas

Other good Business ideas for starting with little money include- Roadside car wash, street popcorn making, delivery business, and the school run. There’re countless of them depending on the environment you find yourself.


I know you’ve read a lot about starting a personal business, but one key is very important in achieving success are dedication, passion, and commitment. with these good business ideas, I hope you can start something new.

As for challenges, you’ve plenty of it, every business has its challenges. But your ability to remain consistent in it against all odds makes your success at the end.

Never you be deceived by all the liars on the internet that tells you how easy it’s to make money. But the truth is that there’s no easy way that money comes. Also, learn how to grow your business using Social media platforms.

I wish you good luck as you take that great start that’ll change your life for better in the near future.


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