Google Currents | How to sign up for Google Currents

Google Currents | How to sign up for Google currents

Google Currents is the social platform that replaced the Google+ social network. Google+ was shut down early this year. Even though Google+ is dead, it now lives in Google Currents.

Google currents

The Currents is a new app by Google that allows people to make meaningful discussions and interactions across your organization. It then means that Google Currents is only for enterprise users. It has a new look and feels when compared to Google+. However, it gives top executives’ posts priority in the Currents stream so that employees can notice it.

Through currents, leaders and employees can have meaningful discussions and exchange ideas across the organization. It provides valuable feedback and input from others without having to flood inboxes.

Google Currents and Google+ switch

Though Currents is still in beta and Google says that companies that use G Suite can request access to the program immediately. All Google+ posts will now automatically move to currents. But all the personal Google+ posts and content are gone totally.

Currents admin can create custom streams to promote a particular content to a specific group of people or even an entire company. Vis, metrics, you can measure user engagement across the platform and use it to determine the posts that resonate most among the employees or the entire organization.

The recycling of Currents

Currents are a discontinued Google app, a social magazine app that Google released on December 8, 2011. And it’s replaced by the Google Play Newsstand, and this is now the modern Google news.

What is left for Google+

It’s true that Google+ is officially dead; however, it’s still alive for enterprise users. The Public version of the Google+ is dead but the enterprise version is given a new name called Currents.

Why Google+ is dead

You can say RIP to Google+! This is because it failed social network which was trying to take on Facebook and Twitter. Well I personally, feel so sad when I noticed the announcement that Google+ will be leaving the scene. I already had lots of followers, engagements, and rankings on the social media app, only to receive the shocking death of the app.

Benefits of Currents

  • It gives users/employees a chance to share knowledge and provided them a place for close discussions.
  • Currents are the second big enterprise communication tool that Google has.
  • It features a streamlined experience for composing content. Here, users can easily tag their posts and attach relevant attachments or images
  • As soon as your post comes in, others can comment, provide feedback and ask questions in the same place.
  • It gives individual users the opportunity to track analytics for their posts.
  • Leaders have the opportunity to engage with their employees more directly.
  • Gives leaders post priority in the home stream to reach more of the employees.
  • Its tags make it easy for people to find or discover the content of interest.
  • Admin may delegate the content management task to another content admin.
  • It’s the admin that creates the custom streams, manage taps, define leaders, moderate content and then, track the usage engagements through metrics.
How to sign up for Google Currents

If you want o request access to the Currents beta program for your organization, just send an email to [email protected].

This service is available to all G suite editions and it’s compatible with iOS and Android devices.





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