Google Email Login | Benefits of Gmail Sign up

Google Email Login | Benefits of Gmail Sign up

The Google email Login is just like your passport to access your Gmail account. There’re a lot of benefits you can enjoy by just having a Gmail account. If you have a Gmail account today, you can really access it with your Google email login steps. Through the Google email login, you’ll have the opportunity to access your Gmail inbox, send emails to others and even send files to people in form of attachment files.

 Google email

However, it’s not everyone that knows the benefits they can enjoy by just having a Google account. In addition, not everyone can actually login to their Gmail account because they don’t know how to do that.

In this write, I’ll be showing you the steps to our Google email login. Also, you’ll have to know the benefits of Gmail and the steps for your Google email login.

The Benefits of Google email Login

When you have a Gmail account, you’re bound to enjoy many benefits and the following are the benefits

  • Users get 15GB storage for saving their documents. For those that need additional space, they can upgrade to premium services
  •  Users can use the Google email login to access many of the services offered by Google.
  •  It enables you to send and receive emails from friends and business partners.
  • It’s very easy to sent attachment files like photos and gift cards to your family members and loved ones.
  • When you have these services, you can easily apply for any online services like creating a website, job application, submitting your CV and so on.
  • Users can use Google email login to verify their business transactions. Even as a blogger or affiliate marketer, you need an email for your payment. For your console management and your jetpack setup, you need your email login details.
  • For students applying for admissions, checking of results and scholarships, you need your Gmail.
  • When you want to open some social media platforms, you’ll request for your email login, and when you have your Google email login, it becomes very easy for you.

Steps to email login

  • For your login, you must make sure that you have a strong internet connected device
  • Go to your device browser and key in Google login. When it shows some keywords, click on the sign in button or Google login. Tap on it to take you to your Google email.
  • If it’s the Google sign up that shows, provide your email or phone number. After that, click on the blue next button below the login page to take you to your email box.

Ways to recover your email address

 Maybe you’ve forgotten your email address, you can get it back. To get it back, go to the Google login page. Just locate the forgot email tab and tap on it. After this, it’ll lead you to another page know as finding your email page. In the page, provide your phone number or any chosen recovery email and tap on the blue next button below the page to get back the email address back.

Signing up for Gmail-Steps

You can’t sign in to you a Gmail account if you’ve not signed up for any Google mail account. Signing up is very easy and it’s achieved through the Gmail app  on your mobile devices or you visit your browser and type in Gmail sign up, you’ll see  how to sign up Gmail keyword, just click on the one that has the right steps to sign up and follow the steps to sign up for Gmail account. To sign up, kindly follow the steps below:

  • Tap the Gmail app
  • Click on the create account tap below it
  •  Filling the following, name, age, sex, location and date of birth. Also, provide all the important details that are needed for the account setup.
Some of the Login email problems

As a tech user, you must have to see one problem or the other. Thanks to the fact that to every problem, there’s a solution.

  • If you have any problem in accessing your Gmail login check for poor internet connection or your data balance. If you rectify this, you can now login successfully.
  • Check for the Captcha verification errors. Most times, it’ll require you to verify if you’re a human or not. For any error due to this, keep trying until you get it right.
  • Having synchronization issues- If you have some issues trying to synchronize contacts, images, emails or documents, you can also check your network connectivity





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