Google Keep | how to use Google Keep


Google Keep | how to use Google Keep

Google keep note app helps you to take notes while in class, seminars, churches, talk show or events. You can really achieve a lot jotting down tips, ideas, thoughts, and inspiration on the go without having your pen and paper with you.

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We all know that sometimes, ideas can fly away if not documented. You mustn’t be with a pen and paper to jot down ideas and inspiration while you’re in transit, but with your Smartphone and Google Keep note app, you can document your ideas, save it in our email and use them at the appropriate time.

 This app works like the Evernote or Microsoft OneNote app. It has a lot of features and I’ll be showing you tips and tricks on how to make the best use of Google Keep.

Meaning of Google Keep

Google Keep is a syncing note pad that you can use to write down notes, checklists, photo checklists, voice memos. It connects to your Google Drive and Google map. Also, it supports photo notes and easily takes and save notes. This app is easy to access on any web-connected device.

It’s one of the very fast apps for taking a quick note and you can’t ignore this app if you love taking notes with your ipads, Smartphone or desktop computers.

You can use it to save some files on your devices, such as your shopping list, addresses, phone numbers, to-do-lists and other important information that you need handy. Most times, it can help you to save some important login details such as your bank account number, ATM pin, blog or website login details.

However, if you’re not using this note-syncing app yet, this is the best opportunity to start. If Chrome is your default browser and you are using Android phones, you can keep your work more organized using this app.

How to find Google Keep in our device

You can locate this app in your computer using your device browser, visit and scroll to the top right corner of the screen to the 9-square icon. Tap on it and choose the menu. Move down and choose Google Keep.

Steps to download

Download this app through your device app store. If you’re using iOS devices, you can to iTunes while Android users should visit the Google play store. It’s also available from the chrome web browser.

Features of Google Keep

  1. Customize Note color-It uses color code notes for organizing notes instead of folders.  Users can achieve this by clicking on the painter’s palette on each note.

Ways of creating notes

Majorly, you can use 4 unique ways to create notes:

  • With the Keyboard
  • Use of hand to write with the stylus pen that is compatible with the device
  •  Through audio/speaking/speck-to-text entry
  • User of image or text.
  • Creating of To-do-list

Before you create anything with this app, you’ve to decide which of the notes creating methods you’ll use. Which every one you choose you to use it to make your notes. However, you can change it using the note’s triple dot menu and choose the one you want to change it to.

To create a new list, you have to choose a new list icon with the three bullet indications and the horizontal representation lists.

2. Image attachment

With this app, you can attach an image to y our notes using the mountain icon from your device. Also, you can use the capture of an image option to use your camera to take photos and save in the note.

3. An audio recording or Spoken notes

It has an Android and iOS versions that you can use to take audio notes. This functions more when you’re in a business meeting, seminars or academic conferences.

During this, it records audio into a writing note. Use the microphone icon to start and end the recording.

4. Turns a Photo text to a Digital Text (OCR)

Here, your Android tabs can take a picture of some texts and convert it to a note. It’s a function of the Optical Character Recognition (OCR).

What it means is that it converts the words to a picture text. You can use this in areas such as citations, researches, and shopping.

5. Setting a time-triggered alert

You can set a reminder to the lists of to-do things you’ve in your note to be set at an alert at a particular time, day as a reminder alert.

6. To sync notes across other devices

Google Keep can sync notes across other devices that have web connections. It serves as a backup once you’re signed in to Google account, it’ll sync automatically.


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