Google Meet | What you need to know about Google Meet


Google Meet | What you need to know about Google Meet

Google meet is a new app developed Google; it’s the new video-communication app that replaced Google Hangouts.

google meet

You must have heard of or used Google Hangouts for chatting with friends and loved ones. Presently, Google meet has replaced Google Hangouts. There’re a lot of benefits you’ll enjoy switching over to the new Google meet app.

Since this app was launched in February 2017, it has become a major app in Android and iOS phones. It’s rich in G Suite and other upgrades are detailed in this article.

Benefits OF Google Meet

  • Allows up to 100 users per call and up to 150 users for G suite Business users. Also, it allows up to 250 for G suite enterprise users.
  • Subscribers can join meetings from the web or via their android or iOs app.
  • Users can call into meetings using a dial-number
  • It has security  through password-protected dial-in
  • Offers proper integration with Google calendar
  • Makes use of encrypted calls between users
  • There’s a real-time closed captioning depending on the time of speech.
  • Despite this, free users have some limitations. It includes having only 60 minutes and every participant must have a Google account.

The requirement for using Google Meet

If you’re interested in using this app, you must have to follow these steps below:

  • It requires a G suite admin to turn on the Google meet for an organization or event
  • To create a vides, you must have to sign in to your G Suite account for the meetings
  • Then, you need a link to bring in an outsider from your contact list. This is very easy to do
  • Ensures that your device gets google support for the app to function for any the meeting.
  • If you’re already in the meeting, someone that’s invited can join you.

About the G meet app

From the above introduction from the first paragraph, I explained what the app is. It’s a Google app that replaced Google Hangouts. It’s easy, user  -friendly and comes with a very nice interface.

How to get Google

There’re app stores you can download from, you can download from Google Play stores for iOS users, you can download it from your app store. Once you do this, you can join meetings and enjoy your chat.

How to do a free-version chat from this app

  • In case you’re using your web browser, log on to However, if you’re using the app, tap on the app from your iOS or Android device.
  • Hit the start new meeting button
  • Then click on the join meeting and start your meeting discussion. Also, it’s optional to select or add anybody from your Google contact link. Also, you can make and invite via a link.

I must say that his app is very similar to the Zoom app. With the steps above, if you’re conversant with zoom, you’ll see a glaring similarity between these two. So, let me give some comparison between these two apps:

Google Meet  app Vs Zoom app

Here are some of the similarities between this two:

  • The two apps allow users to connect with people via conference calls and video meetings.
  • In addition, they both have similarities and differences

The Similarities

  1. Two of them supports call-ins
  2. Both allow users to make large scale video calls for free within a time frame.
  3. Uses collaborating tools
  4. Users can access them via the web using the link to join

Why you may not like Google Meet

  • It has less hosts than Zoom
  • Less efficient for Mac Users.
  • Low dashboard

Zoom characteristics

Most Zoom features appear better than Google’s.  Also, it comes with better professional purposes. Despite not having a pay plan, you can still chat, share documents and use a whiteboard background, and so on.

Benefits of Zoom

  • It allows users to record meetings using Desktop. In addition, users can record in the cloud through the paid plan
  • Zoom operates with emoji features. But Google meet doesn’t have this.

The disadvantages

  • Zoom gives 40 minutes call limit but Google meet gives 60 minutes time limit
  • Offers a pro account with $15 per month, it’s believed to make it expensive.

It’s interesting to note the similarities between the two apps. When it comes to compatibility, Google meet is easy to use, and all you need it a G Suite account. You can use it to access your browser or the app. With Google meet, participants can call in to join a meeting through an additional call-in fee. So, G meet is more affordable.

Presently, Zoom is the best conference call or room meeting app to use worldwide.




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