Google news app | Why you should go for Google news


Google news app | Why you should go for Google news

Google News app is seen as one of the best places you can find news. The latest news app is said to be doing more jobs than the Apple news app. The app is now on the iOS store and you can now download it from Google Play since May 15.

google news app

Google News app has a new way of present news from different angles that you’ll almost find irresistible.

How Google news app services

By the first tab on the Google News app, Googles guides and presents you with the news that you’ll want to read. The app is a combination of artificial intelligence and machine learning.

The tab starts with just a ‘’briefing it presents to you 5 stories that are relevant to your interest. It also presents both local news and weather forecasts for all its users.

Google news app- Job and Opportunities

Google news showcases jobs and other further opportunity stories. It presents you with some relevant articles on issues that matter to you. It provides information on job opportunities and searches.

In addition, it offers news on politics, tech and Pro wrestling. As you browse through the headlines, you’ll see news presented to you in the best way that it’ll be understood by all.

Google News collects and curates similar articles and news clips. It also makes available relevant tweets in a chronological sequence at a glance of how the story started.

With Google news app, you don’t have to worry about fake news. Google has affirmed its stand in upholding integrity in presenting full coverage. This full coverage will prevent the‘’ impersonalized’’ approach to events from the sources.

Though one thing those users will see stories as suspicious or untrustworthy because of the manner of the news presentation.

Benefits of Signing up for Google news app

You’ll have Google to thank for the free news. Though you may have to pay for such news if it’s from the Washington Posts. Once you sign up for the Google News app, you’ll have the latest news posted to you at your fingertips.

Different between Google news app and Apple’s news app

While Google news shares articles using original addresses. the Apple news uses the URL scheme. But Apple’s links redirect to their original sites. But those searching from Android and PCs won’t know that and they’ll not click the links.

I think I prefer Google news in the manner there breaking news is laid out in two sections. One for you and the other for headlines. The Headlines aren’t customized for the user.  It just shows the readers to locate information.

In addition, Google news places all your saved articles in a favorite section. And also provided a search button in the top left corner. This alone gives Google enough space for enough Newsstand tab from here you can search by the publication in colorful tiles.

Google will always have a way to present information in such a way that it’s clear and concise. You can find this in the way Google presents sports scores and news to match your interests.


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