Google Play store | Get your Android apps easily here


Google Play store | Get your Android apps easily here

Google play store was referred to as the Android market. It’s the digital distribution service that is owned and operated by Google. This is the official app store for all the Android operating system that enables users to download and browse all apps developed with the Android software.

Google play store

It is the digital media store for apps published through Google. As a digital media, it offers music, books, movies and other development programs.

Other services include some hardware device purchases and online hardware retailing.

Number of apps in the Google Play store

There’re over 3.5 million apps that have been published on the Google Play store and more than 82 billion app downloads are recorded. When Google play was launched on March 6, 2012, it brought together the Android Market which comprised the Google music and Google ebookstore in one brand. From here, you can access Google Play Books, Google play games, Google play movies and TV, Google play music.

The Google Play Services

With Google play services, you can update Google apps from the Google play store. It functions mainly to authenticate your Google services, synchronize your contact and give you access to all the latest user privacy settings. Also, it provides higher quality with lower-powered location services.

It helps to enhance your app user experience and speeds up offline searches. In addition, it provides more immersive maps and helps to improve the gaming experience.

Google Android Applications is featured in more Google play in over 3.5 million Android apps. The usage of these apps are in more than 145 countries and you can buy apps. They allow developers from more than 150 countries to distribute apps on Google Play. However, this service isn’t supported by every location.

Anytime you want to distribute apps on Google Play, you’ll pay a one-time $25 registration fee to the Google play developer console account. It’s the app developers that control the countries that the app is visible to. As a developer, you’ll get 70% of the application price and the remaining 30% goes to the distribution partner and the operating fees.

As a developer, Google will allow you to release your early versions as alpha or beta tests.

Games- On Google Playstore

There’re nice and best games in the Google play store. The online gaming service for Android offers real-time multiplayer gaming abilities. It provides good games that offer good entertaining games for game lovers

Google Music

In the Google play music offers Music and podcast streaming service and online music locker. It provides more than 40 million songs and it provides users with free cloud storage of about 50,000 songs. Presently, Google music is available in 64 countries.

Google Play Books

This is an eBook digital distribution service. The Google play provides more than 5 million eBooks for people to buy. As a user, you can upload up to 1,000 of your own eBooks in the form of PDF or EPUB file formats. Presently, this service is in 75 countries since January 2017. To get the Google play eBook, go to website which is free for readers and for download.

Movies and TV shows

Movies and TV is provided in the Google play store on demand. These services are available for purchases and rental. Though, it depends on availability. It’s a service that’s available in over 100 countries but the TV shows are only available in Australia, Austria, France, Germany, Japan, Switzerland, Canada and the United States of America.

Google Play News Publications and Magazines

 This a news digital stand service that offers subscriptions to digital magazines and topical news feeds. It offers basic Newsstand service with the topical news feeds all over the world since January 2017.

Also, Google came up with a mobile app merged with Google News and Weather to form Google News on May 15, 2018.

Devices on Google Play store

There’re devices that are on Google play for users to buy. Some of these devices are :

  • Google Nexus
  • Chromebooks
  • Chromecasts etc.

Presently, the Google store is now replacing the Google play.

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