Graduate Entry Medicine in Europe

Graduate Entry Medicine in Europe : The way to Excellence

Graduate Entry Medicine in Europe: The way to Excellence

People all over the world are always eager to change their status for the better. And that’s when the Graduate Entry Medicine In Europe comes in because it’s here to make your ambitions come true especially if you’re in the professional field.

All these professionals like the nurses, scientists, pharmacists labor all day long for years without any fulfillment or promotion, their wish to grow in their area of specialty becomes invalid that’s why they make up their minds to study in Graduate Entry Medicine in Europe.

I know that everyone wants to be happy and wish to reach the greatest level in their different careers. The Graduate Entry in Europe is a 4-year course and it’s also for international and local students. it can also be your way to excellence in becoming whatever you want.

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How to access a medical degree in Europe

If you register for the Graduate Entry Medicine in Europe as a life science graduate or a health worker, it allows both to graduate with the same qualification to get an MD certificate for 4 years.

You only undertake those courses as a student or graduate if you want to upgrade from a scientist to a medical doctor.

Officially, it takes 6 years in Europe for medical study to be completed. The theory parts are for the first three years while the last three are for the practical or clinical rotations.

It involves a very easy process. Firstly, submit a copy of your last degree, then the committee in charge will go through the subjects, schooling hours, and grades get. This is done so you won’t repeat the courses you’ve already studied. The higher the courses you’ve already studied, the lower the courses you will study now.

Eligibility for the Graduate Entry in Europe

  • Transcript of your last university
  • The passports
  • Your advancement in the English language

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However, few universities still give their students entrance exams on some subjects like chemistry, biology, mathematics, and English as one of the admission procedures. But they are still schools in Ukraine and Georgia that allow candidates without any entrance exams.

Where to study 4 years advanced MD in Europe.

For courses in European schools, it’s being taught in the English language when it comes to international candidates. Be assured that your qualification or degree will be acknowledged all over the world. And you can get employed anywhere you desire to after graduating. You just have to appeal for complete registration to the medical officials of the country you want to study.

  1. The Dnipro Medical Institute in Ukraine

This is the university that offers both graduate entries into medicine and dentistry. And the annual tuition fees begin at €3,300.

  1. European University Tbilisi in Georgia

 The annual tuition fee is €4000 per year.

  1. The Medical University of Silesia in Poland

Here are the annual tuition fees: €11,200

  1. The Medical University of Lodz at Poland

Again, annual tuition fees: from €14,500

  1. Poznan University of Medical Sciences of Poland

Lastly, annual tuition fees are €14,700

  1. The University of Nicosia (Cyprus)

Last, annual tuition fees: from €30,000

These are medical universities in Europe that grant graduate entry for medical courses. And the annual tuition fees outlined may vary.

How Europe can assure your progress in becoming a medical doctor

Before you continue, note that being a medical doctor is not just employment; it’s a lifetime commitment to helping people under your care.

Yes, we are aware that most people study these courses due to pressure from your family, friends or from yourself. But when you make up your mind to study it, look into well, check the pros and cons, if it’s what you can do, go ahead. And good luck.

The reasons you should look into if you want to study medicine abroad are;

  • Worldly acknowledged degree
  • Courses taught in English
  • Affordable living expenses and tuition fees
  • Standard education
  • Advanced facilities

Making use of advanced facilities while learning is always interesting. It makes learning easy and broadens your knowledge of things.

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  • Something new to learn about like the cultures, values, and lifestyle. Studying abroad gives you the opportunity of having a new experience of things, meet new people, taste different foods, listen to different kinds of music and have fun generally.

So when you are opportune to travel, don’t fail to try all these things out. Enjoy yourself and who knows, you see what will make you remain there even after you graduate.

  • Various job opportunities.
  • Skill advantage.

You have to possess skills like communicating and listening at the same time in order to serve your patients well. Because communication is key and it’s an important and needed skill for doctors.

  • Ways of studying and learning.

When you wish to study abroad, prepare your mind about meeting new people and having a different learning style which might be difficult for you to cope with. But at time goes on, you will adjust and it’ll help you have an open mind about stuff.

Life after graduating

After graduation, you are given your MD degree and your registration starts. With commitment, smart work, and dedication, no one can stop you in this path your willing to follow in achieving your goals. Begin your journey to the medical world and good luck.


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