create a professional email signature

How do I create a professional email signature : Gmail

How do I create a professional email signature – Gmail

An email signature is a text block that has been customized it can be found at the end of an email that includes contact information and branding. This signature is a very powerful way to let the reader know the information and contact of an email sender it also helps leave an amazing impression . Also, it makes you stand out from other emails.

create a professional email signature

             What are professional email signatures used for?

Email signatures are used for many things but here are a few things you need a professional signature for

  • Shows courtesy
  • Brings brand awareness
  • Generate leads
  • Driving traffic to all your social handles
  • Represents your business…
  • Provide your necessary contact information

Why do we need a professional email signature for?

It very important we include our signature in every email we send across they are many reasons why we need it, but here are just a few reasons to hold on to.

  • Professional display of legitimacy: using your email signature is a very creative way to show that your company is well established and registered
  • Company branding: involving your email signature is also another way of differentiating your product from other product
  • A digital business card: email signature can serve as your business card it is a great way to connect with your customer and allow open communication
  • Quick access to you and your company: your email signature can give your customer a link to get through you easily
  • A quicker introduction: attaching your signature to your email helps  the recipient to know some bit information about you without talking

What should be included in our email signature? Create a professional email signature

However, our signature must appear very professional for people to get to notice them here are a few things you must include on your professional signature.

  • Provide > your first and last name
  • Department and title
  • Email address and phone number
  • Your company logo and name
  • Company address
  • Links to your social media handles
  • Links to company handles
  • A small crafted picture of you
  • Always use serial fonts to write

     What you should not include in your email signature?

   No matter how professional you want your signature to look like they are things you should never include in them some of them are

  • Videos: never add a video to your signature it is very unlike professionals
  • GIF: your signature is your company digital card, not a lively introduction never try to include such on your signature
  • Quotes: hey MR you we all need motivation yah but don’t try overdoing that by forcing it on anyone through your signature.
  • Multiple colors: yeah we all love colors true but we are not in the playground or paint house, you can add color to your signature but two or one is a perfect choice
  • Personal information: Not actually needed as a professional they will contact you  for business only though  companies details only
  • Family photograph: you are not getting your family for advertisement, all you need is a passport of yourself or a reshaped company image
     How to create a professional email address

Great you have come this far with me now you must be wondering how you can create this wonderful email signature no need to worry it is very simple just with the steps below

  • Log in to your email
  • Select > new email
  • tap on >signature
  • click on >new
  • enter ok
  • under >edit signature, type your signature, and edit the way you want it to be following my simple instructions up
  • tap on >ok and close your email
  • open to new and see the signature you created for yourself
    Steps  to add your email signature to your Gmail account

Yes you can add your email signature to your Gmail account by just following the steps below

  • Go to your Gmail
  • Click on the > gear icon< at the right corner
  • Open >setting
  • Scroll to the >signature box
  • Tap on >create new
  • Tap on your email signature and drag to the Gmail box
  • When you’re done scroll down to the > save button and tap on >save changes
         How to can I add a logo to your email signature?

A logo is a small design for an organization to identify its product uniform or vehicle. Here are a few ways how to add your logo to your signature for easy identification of your company or product

  • Open a new message and select >signatures
  • Then select > signature to edit
  • Tap on the image icon
  • Locate your image
  • Select >insert
  • Resize your image by right-clicking on it
  • Choose > pictures to size tab and use it in resizing it
  • When you’re done click >ok and another ok to save

How to insert your signature on your emails- create a professional email signature

Here are a few ways to send your message along with your emails.

  • Open a new message
  • On the > message menu,
  • Select signature and add to the message.


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