How much does Truck Drivers make in The U.S

How much does Truck Drivers make in The U.S?

How much does Truck Drivers make in The U.S?

 Truck driving is one of the jobs that one can get with a sponsorship visa To USA. United states are actually lacking truck drivers for the movement of goods and delivery.  Because of this, a lot of Truck driver jobs in the USA with Sponsorship Visa are available.

How much does Truck Drivers make in The U.S

Also, there’re Visa Sponsorship Truck drivers jobs in the U.S.  Because of this increase in the number of Trucks and the need in the U.S, Many are asking ‘How much does Truck Drivers make in the U. S?

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So, in this article, I’ll provide the answers to the question of How much does a Truck Driver make in the USA?

How much does  Truck Drivers make in  The U. S?

What a truck driver earns in the USA depends on the hours, experience, company, and length of coverage. By length of coverage, it means the miles covered.  Also, those that enter other states from another state tend to take home more pay than others.

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An average basic salary for a Truck driver in the U.S is $77,417 per year. If it’s low it’ll be around $52,121. For the  High earners, it can be as high as $114,989. This is the salary report from the last update on July 28, 2022.

Salary of the Truck Drivers

company team Driver

$0.48 – $0.75

Per mile (Applicable For Computer

This is up to 6,000 miles per week. Then it’s an estimated average of $3,154 per week

Solo Driver

$0.40 – $0.64

Per mile.  At this point are runs up to 3,000 miles per week and its estimated average of $1,183 per week

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 For owner-operator Deliver

$0.94 – $1.79

Per mile

This is up to 3,000 miles per week. It has an estimated average of $3,163 per week.

Salaries by years of Experience in the U.S  Trucking Business

Years of experience            per Year

Less than 1 year                  $72,691

1 to 2 years                          $72,691

3 to 5 years                          $72,691

6 to 9 years                          $82,657

More than 10 years           $87,415

Getting paid by route as a Truck Driver

The OTR Drivers spend weeks on the road, however, it comes with the highest salary. Also, the regional drivers will stay within one area. Then it means that they can come home on the weekends.

OTR Driver

$0.44 – $0.58

per mile

This covers up to 3,000 miles per week. And 3.2% of the OTR drivers get weekly home time.

For Regional Driver

$0.37 – $0.55

Per mile

This takes up to  2,800 miles per week. Then, 60.3% of the regional drivers get weekly home time.

The Top Companies for Truck Drivers in the United States

XPO Logistics                 $139,009 per year

Celadon Trucking         $107,687

Dart                                  $99,889

Smith Transport           $98,379

Martin Brower              $97,009

The Highest Paying Cities for Trucks in the U.S

Houston, TX

$88,910 per year

2468 salaries reported

Atlanta, GA

$87,103 per year

3298 salaries in the report

Chicago, IL

$86,004 per year and 2450 salaries report

Dallas, TX

$85,561 per year with 2612 salaries in the report

Salt Lake City, UT

$81,806 per year with 765 salaries in the report

Springfield, MO

$79,716 per year having

464 salaries in the report

Nashville, TN

$78,709 per year, then 2179 salaries in the report.

Omaha, NE

$77,012 per year, Has 649 salaries in the report.

Indianapolis, IN

$74,683 per year and 2442 salaries in the report.

Top companies hiring Truck Drivers with the recommended skill in the U.S

  • Green Valley Transportation- The Green Valley Transportation – Knoxville, TN takes Up to $250 a day. Also, they get medical payments for employees. And additional payday. However, interested persons can apply from the Company’s website.
  • O Wolding, Inc.
  • Nussbaum Transportation
  • Pride Transport Inc.
  • Walmart
  • TMC Transport
  • Sammons Trucking
  • Jim Palmer Trucking






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