How Quick Facebook Chat App works


How Quick Facebook Chat App works

 You may not have heard of the Quick Facebook chat app. I may be right or wrong but if I am right, I’m sure that this app isn’t one of the very famous apps that most social media users are very conversant with. but it’s the quickest in getting to know your customers, clients or fans and also relating with them to enhance business relationships.

 Quick Facebook chat app

 When you get to know about this very app, you’ll crave to know more about it and to use it.

What is quick Facebook chat app?

This is one of the Facebook apps that you can use to chat, and communicate with your customers, fans or followers like your facebook friends.

It’s very useful as well as a helpful app that helps online merchants, businesses and online shop owners to enhance their customer care service and support. It helps to increase your quality of services to your clients and followers.

 It’s well designed to bring to online business owners and online store owners amazing features for interacting with their customers. With this app, you can manage instant and live customer care support using your Facebook messenger platform.

What you can do with the Quick Facebook Chat app

Below are the things you can do with the quick Facebook chat app:

  •  Chatting, communicating and interacting with your customers and fans like you do on Facebook
  •  You can see the Facebook wall and profile of your customers and know what they really want. From there, you can understand them better and attend to their needs. It’ll help you to know to best products you can offer them and what their interests are in the product that you offer to them.

How Facebook quick chat app works

All you have to do is to install the app widget on our online store or shop. Then, your customers will be able to send chat messages to your Facebook page or your online store by clicking on the quick Facebook chat window.

 As soon as they click on it, they’ll see the message box. There and then, they can drop their message.

Then, you both can start a conversation from the quick chat window.  During this chat, the message automatically appears on your regular Facebook messenger inbox.  If you want at any time, you can get connected to them.

 Benefits of using the Quick Facebook chat app
  • It’s easy to install for your facebook store.
  • Enables you to adjust any settings you want and customize it the way you like
  • This app  is the quickest way to get in touch with your customer
  • It works as a quick medium in assisting and supporting your customers, fans on your online store or facebook business page.
  •  It’s very easy to use and stress-free as well.
Steps to add this app to your Business page

 Getting in touch with your customers, fans and prospective customers becomes so easy with this app. You can offer assistance and support to them with easy via this medium.

 Below are the ways to get this app:

  •  To to your device browser and visit On your business page, you’ll be asked to sign up for this site to get started
  • Scroll o the button of the page and click on sign  up
  •  In the following page, fill in your email address, and your password
  •  Choose your website platform and the website domain
  •  Then, click on Add shop
  • After adding the shop to the site, you can now be able to chat with the messenger app.
  • Click on connecting with your customers
  •  You can now log in to your Facebook account and choose the business page you want to add this to
  • And that is all,


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