How to Apply for Opay pos Machine

How to Apply for Opay POS Machine- Opay Application Guide

How to Apply for Opay POS Machine- Opay Application Guide

Many people desire to be an Opay pos agent but don’t know how to go about it. Have you tried to apply for an Opay pos machine but find it difficult? I’ll show you how to apply for Opay pos machine without much stress.

How to Apply for Opay pos Machine

You’ll also learn what it’ll take you to do Opay agent registration with ease. First and foremost, Opay is an online mobile transaction established by the Opera software company.

Although the company started in Nigeria, it has also started its operation in other countries of the world such as Kenya and South Africa.

However, for you to be an Opay agent, you must obey some basic rules. The first rule is that you must have a means of transportation either a motorcycle or tricycle.

Furthermore, you’ll also need to download the Opay app on your android phone and register.

However, applying to be an Opay agent requires simple steps but if you still find it very difficult to do perhaps you’ll need a guide on how to do it with ease.

You can go ahead and grab our article on “how to apply for an Opay agent”.

This article is centered on guiding you a registered Opay agent to apply for an Opay pos machine.

As you know, the pos machine [point of sale terminal] can be used to withdraw, transfer, deposit, and make payments for goods purchased.

How do I qualify to apply for Opay pos machine?

For you to be eligible to apply for an Opay pos machine, you must meet the following requirement.

  • The Opay agents must be familiar with the way transactions work and how to use the app very well.
  • Must be able to complete a high volume of transactions within the first four weeks of using the Opay app.

How to apply for Opay pos machine

For you to successfully apply for the Opay pos machine, you’ve to follow the 3_step process listed below.

First step: upgrade your KYC to level 3

For you to be qualified, you must upgrade your KYC [know your customer] level to “merchant level” which is level three.

To do this, follow the simple steps listed below;

  • Visit the Google play store using your smartphone or pc.
  • Search for the Opay app for android using the search button.
  • Install the app and log in to your account.
  • Click on the merchant application icon.
  • Tap on the picture icon at the top left of your screen to view your account details.
  • Tap on upgrade to level three.
  • You are to upload your picture.
  • Upload a valid and registered ID card [voter’s card, national ID card, driver’s license, or international passport].
  • Upload the present utility bill receipt [PHCN, rent receipt, water bill, LAWMA waste bill].
  • Also, upload your BVN [bank verification number].
  • Then click on submit.

It’ll take 24_72 hours for the Opay team to review and approve or decline your KYC request.

Once they have approved your KYC, they’ll send an email or SMS to notify you.

The second step: switch your profile to merchant

Once you have upgraded your profile to KYC 3, you can as well follow the instructions below to switch your profile to the merchant.

  • Go to the Opay app on your phone and log in.
  • Tap on the picture icon on the top left side of the screen to view your account details.
  • Tap on upgrade to the merchant.
  • Enter your business details [name and address of the business].
  • Click on the next icon.
  • Enter the necessary information
  • Click on “upgrade”.

You’ve to also note that the Opay team has a review to either accept or decline your request.

The third step: merchant apply

Now that you’ve upgraded to KYC level 3 and have also switched your profile to the merchant, you can now proceed by moving over to the next step which is merchant supply.

Using merchant apply to a request for Opay pos machine is very easy and simple, therefore follow the steps below to apply.

  • Firstly, log in to the Opay app on your device.
  • Click on the merchant apply option on the screen.
  • It’ll take you to the next page; enter the necessary information as shown.
  • You’ve to upload your transaction history for the past 3 months.
  • Upload a valid ID card as mentioned earlier.
  • Upload a snapshot of your business station.
  • Click on submit and allow it for a review.

Remember, that the Opay team can either approve or decline your request, so you’ve to make sure that every detail is correct.


Is Opay registration free?

The answer to this question is yes! Opay App is free just the same way the registration is free.

However, for you to have full access to ORide or Otrike mobile phone, you’ll have to pay the sum of #54,000 to Opay.

This money can be paid in full instantly or in installments.

What if have a problem with the pos device later?

Once the pos support team approves your request, they’ll contact you via email or phone number.

The support team in charge of agents will inform you on how to pick up your pos machine for immediate use.

They’ll also assign an engineer to attend to you and another pos agent in your locality. You are now set for business.

How will I get the Opay pos machine after I have applied for it?

Your pos request can be reviewed within 24 hours. Therefore, if you apply for an Opay pos machine in Nigeria at 3 pm today, then you can have it on or before 3 pm tomorrow.

You’ll receive an SMS or email once your request is approved or declined.

Do I need my BVN to apply for the Opay pos machine?

The answer to this question is no! you don’t need your bank verification to apply for the Opay pos machine.

What is the Opay pos fee and commission structure?

The Opay pos fees and commission depending on the volume of the transaction made through the terminal.


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