How to borrow money from GTB

           How to borrow money from GTB: What is GTB

           How to borrow money from GTB: What is GTB

Guaranty trusted bank known as GTB is a multinational financial institution. It provides individual, business, and both public and private companies across Africa and the united nation. If you want to know how to borrow money from GTB, read this to the end. GTB has a range board of marketing and financial leading product and services. It has its headquarter in Lagos Nigeria and other branches across the country and other African country.How to borrow money from GTB

The bank has employed over 12,000 professionals and assets and has great shareholders. it strives constantly to create the best experience for their customer.

They have maintained a year-to-year growth in customer cause of their management and world-class corporation.

However, as a proud and well-cultured international institution, they have fully invested in powering their continental progress.

Their vision is to become the best platform that enriches lives just by b building a strong and valuable relationship with their customer and stakeholders.

They constantly pour a groundbreaking idea to offer to customers in business and financial settlement.

Over some years now GTB has been known to be numerous recipients in notable awards for product innovation.

The bank is recognized as the best bank in the whole of Africa GTB has over 4.57 trillion naira assets and 661.1 billion naira shareholder funds.

                                       What is GTB LOAN?

A loan as we all know is a borrowed sum of money that is expected to be paid back in full and interests.

GTB has brought up a program of loan giving to their customers to enlarge and support their business.

Here are a few types of loans they offer to their customer only.

  • Personal

A personal loan is the amount of money you get from your bank just for a variety of reasons or purposes.

For example, money borrowed from the bank for your personal use like the buying of your dream fashion box or even your dream wedding.

Whether you are an employee or not with GTB you can get cash over 5 million with the interest of 1.5% monthly to be paid before 6-12 months.

  • Business

A business loan are the specifications for your business purposes

There are many types of business loan which includes bank loan, asset-based loan, invoice financing, microloan, and business cash advance loan.

  • Home equity

This kind of loan is when a borrower uses the home as a form as collateral.

The loan that can be offered determine the quality of his property

  • Rental deposited

 These kinds of loans are mostly for tenants and landlords you use those funds to cover the initial expense of renting a house.

The fund makes you find an apartment or house easy to rent it pays breakage, security, and many other importances.   

  • Loan against property

This is a loan that is approved against assets used to pledge as collateral.

This asset is a land, house, or any repayable property to make an easy approval of the loan.

  • Salary advanced

A salary advanced loan is a loan only given to the employee

Just like the name,it is a part of the wages of an employee that is paid at the end of the month.

The loan also comes with its own interest rate and there are also team and conditions for payment.

  • School fee advanced

This is a loan designed to help finance the Payment of school or Child’s ward fees.

It applied for both college and high institutions this loan is only available to self-employed or salaried individuals.

  • Travel advance

This loan is given to lucky customers for traveling airlines, tickets, and tours.

This one of the personal loans you can also apply for it demands no collateral.

GT mortgage

 This is a product that offers credit facilities to the part-finance acquisition of property in an acceptable location.

When you wish to acquire your dream home bank can give you money to do that and pay it back later.

  • Premium advanced

The premium mortgage loan is a higher loan that has been placed on your Debit MasterCard.

For you to apply for the loan your salary must not be less than one million per month.

It is always available when you need funds the most time

  • Quick credit loan

If you are a salary earner or not you can get the loan and payback within months the quick credit loan gives you a loan of about 1, million.

Interests rate of just 1.5% each month.

  • Computer Acquisition

This is a loan that goes to corps members for acquisition and you have to pay it during the service year.

The maximum loan amount is 60,000 and you can pay  between 3-10 months. It’s a form of support for corps members.

  • Vehicle premium insurance

This is a premium and one-time loan that allow corporate companies and salary earner.

Whose have an account with the bank pay for their motor insurance or upfront and then repay over 12 months.

  • Max plus

This loan provides greater flexibility in order to meet your financial needs and a strong comfortable repayment plan

                              How to borrow money from GTB

GTB is popular for its wide range of offers of giving loans to personal and business needs. And you might not know how to start applying for one.

Here are a few steps to get starting.

  • You can send for a quick credit loan by Dialing *737*51*51#
  • Or you can visit the website > to start the process
  • Or locate the nearest GTB bank and ask for their customer service and ask for the procedure.
  • You can find the nearest GTB agent near you by logging in to >

Note: Make sure to have a source of income before going to apply for a loan.

Your reasons must be strong enough for a loan to be granted to you I advise you don’t just

walk into the bank because you think you need a loan make sure to repay before or on the due date given to you.


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