How to check GLO number

                         How to check GLO number – Glo Network   Services

                         How to check GLO number – Glo Network   Services

Globacom limited popularly known as Glo is Nigerian multinational telecommunication. The company was founded by mike Adenuga in the year 2003, 29th August to be precise.

However having been able to employ about 3,379 people worldwide its headquarters is located in Lagos, state Nigeria.

Glo has almost 45 million users as of December 2018 this made it the second-largest communication network in Nigeria.

2011 Glo become the first communication company to be able to build an $800 million fiber-optic cable capacity we all know as glo-1.

This is a submarine cable from the UK to Nigeria and was the first successful submarine cable from the UK to Nigeria.

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Globacom has achieved the following as a product > Glo mobile>Glo broad access> Glo gateway>Glo-1.

The company is a privately company by Mike Adenuga group which also has cobbled stone properties and estate.

He also has a real estate property development company, a petroleum marketing company, and con oil-producing, also a crude exploration and product company.

        What is Glo Mobile?

Glo mobile is a product of Globacom and also Nigeria’s second-largest network operator.

In the first year of lunch, it had one million users in 87 towns of Nigeria and almost 120 billion in revenue.

Glo mobile has now with it heavy raves spread to another African countries like Benin, Ghana

In December 2018 the Glo mobile users rang to over 45 million and it hit 54 million as of November 2020.

                                         How to check GLO number- What is a Glo-1 submarine cable?

Glo-1 is the first successful submarine cable from the UK to Nigeria and become the first African individual company to go on such a project.

It has the ability to provide high internet service, for faster, reliable, and cheaper telecom service providers.

Glo-1 potentially will facilitate foreign investments and work opportunities in Africans.

The cable originated from Bude in the UK is about 9,800 km long and is led from Alpha Beach in Lagos.

It was led in Alpha Beach in Lagos and was the leading station and will also improve teleconferencing distance.

Distance recovery and telemedicine and another benefit for Nigerians and the West African people.

Glo mobile was launched in Nigeria in the year 2003 and introduced lower tariffs, per second payment, and other added services.

However Glo mobile was the fourth GSM operator to launch in Nigeria and just within the seven years of its operation its users had grown to over a 25million.

Glo mobile was launched in Benin as of the year 2008 and has shown unprecedented growth.

Glo mobile made a total sales of 600,000 SIM cards just by the first ten days of its marketing.

The company offers per-second billing which has to charge the users only for the amount of airtime used.

They also offer another valued service to their users such as the >MMS< Glo magic news and information<vehicle tracking<ringtone and other banking services.

In May the year, 2008 Glo was given an operating license through the Glo mobile division in Ghana.

They brought the plan of capturing about 30% of the 11 million users in the first 18 months of the lunch.

They went ahead with the plan by creating a bundle of voice and internet services for Ghana in two main cities> Accra and Kumasi.

In the first quarter of the year, 2010 Glo mobile was set to lunch in Ghana.  They targeted the un-serviced area of the country.

However, this was post-pone to the third quarter of the year and then 2012.

By January 2012 Glo Ghana opened the >Reserved your number< campaign.

In the year 2009 Glo acquired submarine cable landing rights and gateway services.

Glo sponsored the >Nigeria premier league in the year 2009.

                    How can I add family and friends to your Glo?

Waiting for a reason ever need how you can add family and friends on Glo then you are still on a far distance.

Making use of family and friends on your favorite contacts is a very great cause.

  • Less fee longer talk
  • Free bonus to stay more on call

Moreover, they are much more reasons why you need to add your favorite contacts to the FAF plan.

Here is how to do that but first to use the FAF plan you must first migrate to the >Glo yakata>Glo gbam to make use of the FAF features.

Here are steps to add or remove contact on your Glo FAF list.

  • Dial *101*1*the number #
  • Make sure the numbers you input are correct and you will receive a message that you add such numbers to your FAF list
  • You can add only 10 of the Glo users

You can also remove any numbers you don’t need on the list again here few steps to that.

  • To delete a number they will charge you at the rate of N50.
  • To delete number dial * 101*1*3 add the mobile number then #.
  • And a message will pop up telling you that the delete is successful.

To avoid the charge, you can change the number and then delete it here is a way to do that.

  • Users have free access to remove or change any number from the FAF list at no charge.
  • *101*2* the FAF number * the new number #

You can also view all your FAF contact

  • Dial 125
  • Follow the instruction on the screen
  • Then all the contact on your FAF will appear.

How to check your Glo phone number

You might one day be in need of your Glo line but don’t know how to get it.

Not having your line off your head is not an issue and can be seen as a common thing between us.

No worry is here to let you know how you can do that here just a few steps to get our line.

  • Dial *777#
  • Select instruction> 6
  • Then select instruction >3.


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