How to check your 9mobile number

             How to check your 9mobile number – What is 9mobile

             How to check your 9mobile number – What is 9mobile

9mobile is an Emirati-based multinational communication services provider formally known as Etisalat. In the year 1976, it was founded as a joint-stock company between British companies. It was known as international Aeradio limited and other local partners.

In  1983 the share of ownership changed and the British company took 60% share.  So,  the remaining 40% was distributed publically.

The UAE central government issued the company a federal law No1 which gave them the right to provide telecommunication wireless service both in and across the country.

It also accesses the company rights to issue licenses for owning, manufacturing and importing also using the operating telecommunication equipment.


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How to check your 9mobile number

This access or  practice gave the company both the power to regulate and be in control-powers.

In order to guard the country’s economic development safely the law made provision for the development of telecommunication in the country.

Since they sold exchanged lines that range from 36,000 in 1986 737, to 000 in 1998 has indicated the amazing growth of the network.

Today it is one of the 140th out of 500th place of financial time corporations in the world of market capitalization.

The company is also known to be the largest contributor outside the oil sector. Its headquarters are in Abu Dubai and in the northern emirate which is Sharjah.

9mobile offers  internet services to the home users such as:

  • 3g internet mobile service
  • 4g internet mobile service
  • Broadband internet service
  • Prepaid and postpaid internet access
  • Cloud gaming service with partnership in Game stream

9mobile also operates izone. This is a system called a Wi-Fi hotspot. It’s seen in central locations such as shopping malls, restaurants, and cafes.

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Izone can be accessed only when you purchase a prepaid card.  Also, users and you can also use an already existing account.

The Dial-up and ISDN services are billed by the hour whereas the residential cable and DSL connection have a fix month rate.

It has severed almost 11.6 million and 300,000 enterprises in UAE apart from being a telecommunication service provider 9mobile is also a unit carrier

However, it provides a unit for some number of the additional non-telecom business unit under the coverage of 9mobile service holding.

It even provides services to other service operators and organizations in the UAE example card manufacturing and payment solutions, data clearinghouse services, voice, and data transit.

9mobile is a major in Thuraya a satellite geo-mobile communication service provider.

9mobile is also a very point of restructuring the program that results in the de-merger of non-core business units operating directly to the management.

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Etisalat now known as 9mobile launched its very first service in Nigeria in September 2008.

The company is known for its innovative product and service such as the Eco SIM . Also, is the first network provider to offer some special numbers to Nigerians. Really possible with their mobile number via the 0809uchoose campaign.

To promote the African internet expansion 9mobile introduced the >Etisalat prize for innovation< from the year 2012-2015.

9mobile announced in April 2013 that it will invest $500 million to expand its network.

Which will enable further potential market growth of 17% just in June 2013 the company launched >Etisalat prize for literature< for the pan African debut published writers.

2016 9mobile announced the 4G LTE with the frequency band3 and the speed test result came out indicating 28mbit downloads and 11mbit uploads.

Etisalat was named 9mobile because in 2015 Etisalat creditors reschedules its outstanding $1.2 billion loans.

July 2017 Etisalat withdraw from the market after the debut was not repaid the company local operators now call it  9mobile.

              What is the internet censorship of 9mobile?

9mobile operates an internet content filtering system that blocks every access to web resources.

Web resources are controversial or offensive and sexually explicit content or some certain political and religious website.

The use of the content filter is compulsory by the telecommunication Regulatory Authority known as the {TRA}.

The kinds of content on  restriction by Etisalat are:

  • Nudity and sexually content
  • Some media-sharing websites like the {xx videos …}.
  • Content against Islamic religions
  • Website against united Arab emirates
  • A site containing an Anonymous proxy
  • The gay or lesbian rights site
  • Voice over IP services website provider.


                What is the 9mobil family and friends code?

9mobile family and friends plan is the same as your and my plan.

I and you 9mobile codes let you manage and also register your 9mobile family and friends contact. This can happen only when you have migrated to the 9mobile more talk prepaid plan.

This plan will access you to get airtime every weekend to call your family and friends. In order to receive the airtime, you have to recharge at least 100 or 200 in a week in order to get this offer.

When you migrate to more talk 9mobile you will get free 100 airtime as a welcome bonus. To add the contacts to family and friends dial *233*1* and input the 9mobil number#.

If want to remove the contact from your family and friends list dial *233*2* the number #.To replace the number dial *233*3*input old number* input new number#.

To view your family and friends’ contact list dial *233# and a message will pop up containing the list of contact.

                  How to check your 9mobile number

Want to check or know what your number is after maybe losing the pack no problem. Dial *248# this is the fastest USD code to get your number back to your brain.


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