How To Close A Credit Card | Closing Zero Balance Credit Card

Cardholders have lots of reasons to close their credit card. There’re good reasons why people may want to close a credit card. It could be that you have too many credit cards or that your card issuer has raised your interest rate or just added an annual fee.

how to close a credit card


People may want to close a credit card simply because they don’t want the credit card again. It would have been better is your credit card is open, which is the best. But if you’ve decided to close it, here’s the best way to close a credit card.

Best Ways for how to close a Credit Card

Check if it’ll affect your Credit Score

Before considering closing a credit card,  and before you put that call across to your credit card issuer to close your credit card, first of all, consider if closing it will affect your Credit Score. Since closing a credit card doesn’t remove it from your credit report and it doesn’t remove any of the associated payment histories.

You must know that closing your credit card won’t delete your credit details or make the credit bureaus to forget that you were late. Anything that’s negative on your payment history remains there for the next 7 years.

Closing your account with a past balance, it’ll fall off after 7 years.


Closing your credit card after paying off the balance will be safer for you. Because if you decide to close a credit card with some balance on them, you’ll still have to pay some regular monthly payments for a minimum period.

But if you paid off your balance before closing, it’ll lessen the impact of the credit card to your credit score and you won’t have much credit payment history to worry about.

One other thing that may help you to transfer the balance to another credit card if you can’t pay off the card balance. In doing the transfer, consider using a card without any used credit or the one with a promotional interest rate. It’s not enough to as how to close a credit card, but you should be ready to do them.

Call/Contact your Card issuers Customer care service

After you take the final decision to close your credit card, call the card issuers customer care using the phone number at the back of the credit card. From there, inform the customer representative that you wish to close your credit card account.

Doing this, you might get a shocking offer from the representative offering to lower your interest rate in a bid to make you keep using the credit card.

But if you’re sure that your decision is genuine on closing t the card, don’t give in to any persuasion. Also, you must note the date and time of your first request to close your credit card account. You can also, write your credit card issuer with respect to closing a credit card.

Use all your Credit card Rewards

Closing your credit card won’t allow you to use your credit card rewards again. So, before our close, your card, check all your rewards balance, if you have an outstanding reward, ensure to redeem them. This is because redeeming your rewards as a statement will help reduce your outstanding balance.


But you’ll risk losing your rewards if you haven’t reached any redeeming threshold. For example, if the reward threshold for redemption is $50 and you have just $30, you can’t redeem your rewards.

Follow up your letter to the Card Issuer

After you’ve written to the card issuer, follow up your letter of request to close a credit card (for your credit card) to see that your credit card is closed. In the letter, you must include your name, address, and card number. It’ll contain your statement of your request by phone to close your account.

Send your letter through a certified mail for more proof that you’ve sent them a mail. Also, keep a copy of the letter and the certified mail receipt for record purposes.

Check if the Credit card is really Closed

After some weeks, check your credit card report to ensure that your credit card is closed through the report.

Checking for a credit report is free when you go to or via free services such as Credit Karma, WalletHub or Credit Sesame.

If your Credit card reports as closed, it won’t hurt your credit Score in any way. So, if you want your credit report to reflect accurately the status of your account, contact your credit card issuer or file a dispute to the credit bureau if it isn’t showing that your credit card account is closed.

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