How to close first bank account on phone

How to close first bank account on phone: Cancel Account

How to close first bank account on phone: Cancel Account

Do you have a first bank account and because of one reason or the other you want to know how to close your first bank account on phone.? However, many people are searching for the best and easiest way to close their first bank account using their phone.

How to close first bank account on phone

So, this guide will reveal to you how to permanently close your first bank account via your phone.

Therefore, I’ll advise that you read from the beginning to the end of this article in other to get all the necessary information you’ll need to help you. You’ve to understand that the first bank can never stop any of their customers from closing their bank account.

This is because they always put the interest of their customers as their number one priority. However, many customers who’re careless and are uninformed always reveal their bank account or card information to the public.

They always do this out of ignorance without knowing what the consequences of their action might bring in the future. Furthermore, we must understand the only key to secure our bank account is the account details and ATM card details, and pin.

Therefore, you must always be careful on how you expose any information that is related to your bank account to a third party. Nevertheless, you don’t have to trust or depend on third parties to solve any problem arising from your bank.

You must also abstain from trusting people you meet in person or online platforms with the hope that they will solve your problem. Since the first bank is the financial institution you have a bank account with, the best place to go when you’ve any issue related to your account is the customer’s service care representative at any first bank branch.

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More so, customer care is in the best position to help and give you valid information that’ll help solve your problem. So, if you still want to learn how to block your account to prevent someone from having access to your account, let’s proceed.

Does the first bank allow their customers to close their accounts?

The first bank is a powerful and popular bank and doesn’t easily allow customers to close their respective accounts from their mobile phones. If they allow such, then anyone will just wake up one day and intrude into your account and other investments.

Therefore, for security reasons, you’ve to undergo and complete many processes and which involves visiting any first bank branch within your locality. You must visit the first bank and meet with customer service to help you close your account.

The customer service representative will give you a termination form which you’re to fill out and provide other requirements and other processes required. But before you do this, make sure that you’ve withdrawn all the money in your account so that it won’t reduce your share.

How do I know that my first bank account is still working?

Listed below are the ways you can use to detect whether your first bank account is still active or not.

  • Firstly, call customer care and place a request to know if your bank account is still active.
  • More so, you can visit the first bank branch within your locality to help check the activeness of your bank account.
  • You can also register for first bank mobile banking to check if it’ll be successful.

Once the registration is successful, then you’ll know that your account is still active.

  • In addition, you can make a financial transaction with your bank account to check if your account is still active or not.

How to block my first bank account-How to close first bank account on the phone

Do you know that when you block your bank account, it’ll affect even your internet banking account?  This means that it’ll turn out every product and service concerning your account.  It ranges from savings, mortgages, investments, and lots more.

Do you still want to close your account? All you’ve to do is to;

  • Visit any First bank branch within your place of residence.
  • Locate the customer service desk and join the queue if there are any.
  • When it’s your turn, speak to the customer care representatives about your request to close your account.
  • The customer service representative will offer you a form; fill the form with the necessary information linked to your account.
  • You’ve to ensure that your sign is well written.
  • Give them the form and provide another necessary requirement.
  • When you complete the process, you can go when they ask you to.

The customer care representative will give you a time, and after that, the deactivation will show in your account.

So, if you lost your first bank ATM card, a third party withdrew from your account without your permission, you lost the mobile phone that has the first bank online account or maybe you noticed a suspected transaction going on in your account.

Then you’ve to rush to the bank immediately to block your account.

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How can I recover my closed first bank account?

It’ll interest you to know that you cant recover your bank account if it’s permanently blocked. However, only those that freeze their account temporarily can recover their account.

So, you must ensure that you withdraw your balance before you can block yours permanently.

Therefore, it’s either you open a new account or you add or transfer the balance to your other wallets. Then, you’ve to apply for another ATM card if you blocked the first one.

You’ll also need to open an internet banking account to make banking easier and simple for you.

Can I close my first bank account online?

The answer to this question is no. your bank account can only be closed at the first bank premises. This means that if you want to deactivate your first bank account. However, you must visit any of their branches to fill out a form and request to close your account.

What will happen to my first bank account if I block it?

When you block your first bank account, your account becomes inactive until you take the necessary action to reactivate it.

You’ll not have access to make any financial or non-financial transactions.

Moreover, when you block your account temporarily, it’ll give you the chance to reactivate it whenever you needed it.

More so, closing your account permanently means deleting your account from the database of the first bank.

That means that you can never reactivate it unless you open a new bank account.

How to block first bank account using the USSD code

Have you misplaced or lost your phone? This may happen on nonworking days. Therefore, you may not be able to visit any bank branch to block your account from unauthorized users.  All you’ve to do is to deactivate your first bank USSD code profile from being active.

So, to block your first bank USSD code;

  • Simply dial *894*911# from any phone or line.
  • Now enter the phone number that is connected with your bank account that you want to block.

That’s all! Your problem is solved with a twinkling of an eye.

How to unblock your first bank USSD code

Now that you’ve finally sorted everything out and you want to unblock your account. Then you’ve to visit any nearest first bank branch for assistance. The first bank doesn’t have any code for the reactivation of the blocked accounts. I hope this article is helpful. You can use the comment box if you’ve any other questions concerning this article.



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