How to Connect Twitter to Facebook account

How to Connect Twitter to Facebook account:  Link Facebook & Twitter

How to Connect Twitter to Facebook account:  Link Facebook & Twitter

If you want to know how to connect Twitter to your Facebook account, this article is for you. I want to let you know that this exercise is very simple. Why will you connect or link your Twitter to Facebook? Well, connecting your Facebook and Twitter is very important because it links all your followers to Facebook. Just read on to get the entire gist.

How to Connect Twitter to Facebook account

 How to connect Twitter to Facebook account easily

Linking Twitter to a Facebook account is quite easy. we are writing to enable you to have the simple knowledge of how to connect Twitter to your Facebook account. If you know how to do this, you can send your tweets or post them atomically to your Facebook account timeline. By doing so, it makes it easy to reach out to more fans, audiences at a go. Immediately you publish on your Twitter, it’ll be automatically published on your Facebook timeline.

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This will make your social media communication more easy and convenient for you. So, in this case, you don’t have to bother making another post for your Facebook book followers if the same post is meant to get to your fans on Facebook as well.

All need is just to be focused and read this article to the end by following the steps to the last one.

The Steps on how to connect Twitter to Facebook

  • Visit the site at
  • Then log on to Twitter by entering your username and password.
  • Proceed to click on the icon at the top right side of the homepage. (You’ll see it between the search bar and the Twitter writing tool).
  • Tap on the ‘’setting and Privacy’’, then you’ll see a list of the drop-down menus.
  • Tap on the ‘’Apps’’ you’ll see on the menu at the left-hand side of the page
  • Click on ‘’connect to Facebook’’ to take you to another browser where you’ll now complete the process.
  • Tap on the ‘’ login with Facebook’’
  • Then log in to Facebook by entering your email and password. In case you’re already logged in to your Facebook account, you don’t have to log in again. Then, Twitter will ask for your permission to post to Facebook on your behalf.
  • Thereafter, click on ‘Allow’’ to give Twitter Assess to post to Facebook.

This process gives Twitter automatic access to post your tweets to your Facebook account. However, you must know that the replies aren’t connected to Facebook.

How can I add Twitter Tab to my Facebook page?

There’s no doubt that Facebook and Twitter are the biggest Social media Network that millions are using for information and entertainment as well as socialization. A lot of businesses and public figures are using it to grow their business.

So, if you have the ability to combine two big social media platforms into one, it’ll be a huge success to meet a larger audience and clients as well.

For example, if you allow your Facebook fans to also know about your tweets without leaving Facebook.

With a Tool called Woobox, you can add a Twitter tab to your Facebook page for free. Now I’ll show you what Woobox is and how you can use it to add a Twitter tab to your Facebook page.

What is a  Woobox?

This is a promotional tool that can help you to set up Facebook, Twitter, or any other social media tabs on your different social media pages. Also, you can use it to run polls and contests and market your social media pages.

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Below are the steps to use WooBox to create a customized Twitter Tab on Facebook, this step is very fast and easy.

  • Firstly, you have to sign up on Woobox’s website using your email or Facebook account. If you select to sign in through Facebook, it’ll redirect you to Facebook and you’ll see a dialog box asking you to continue with your Facebook name.
  • Then, click on Continue as, it’ll ask you to connect an Instagram business account. Though this is the needed step, and you just have to go along with it. Just select one and click on Next
  • It’ll also ask you to connect your Facebook page
  • You have to provide your or set the permissions. It’s recommended that you leave it with the default options and click on “Done”.
  • In this next section, your woodbox will link your account and after a few seconds, it’ll redirect you to Woobox’s dashboard
  • Then click on Facebook Tabs and from there, you can now select Twitter Tab and other social media tabs.
  • As soon as you click on the Connect to Twitter, you’ll then have the option to display all your Tweets or specify Tweets with keywords that you will set for it. Users can also high Tweet replies that start with @.
  • So, after clicking on Connect To Twitter, you’ll see different options for connecting social media accounts. In this place, you just have to click on Twitter and a popup screen will appear requesting you to set up your Twitter account.
  • After confirming it, you’ll see a pop-up window asking you to authorize Woobox to access some of your data and other permissions. Just click on authorize app and it’ll redirect you to the previous page where it’ll tell you that the connection was successful.
  • Thereafter, open your Facebook page in another tab and just down the cover photo. You’ll see a couple of options. Just click on More and you’ll also see a drop-down menu with Edit Tabs at the bottom.
  • Proceed and click on the Edit Tabs and you’ll end u on the Templates and the tabs dashboard for your Facebook page. At this point, you’ll need to click on the Twitter option and drag it to the top just below the home for visibility.
  • Navigate back to your fan page and click on Twitter on the main menu. It’ll redirect you to another page asking you to set up your tab. You can do this by clicking here to set up your tab.
  • Immediately you click on it, it’ll ask you to continue. Then click on the blue button. But if you had set it up beforehand, it says that you already linked it. Though if it’s your first time linking it, it’ll say another thing. But the process is the same.
  • So, after clicking continue as…, it’ll redirect you to your Woobox account. Then you’ll notice that your Twitter username is now attached to it already. Try to play around with the settings and adjust anything you like and click on the Save Settings.



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