How to create Facebook Account | Benefits

How to create Facebook Account | Benefits

Facebook Account is what everyone who wants to make more friends and get to be more social and build a business brand faster needs.

Facebook account

If you have been trying to create a Facebook account and don’t know how to go about it, here is a solution to that problem. Maybe you have tried many times to create any social media account and it keeps showing you Sign up and you don’t really understand what this means.

It’s important to bring to your notice that Sign up means the same thing as Create an account. However, the Facebook sign up wherever it appears means the same thing as to create a Facebook account.

Creating a Facebook Account

To create facebook account means that Facebook will now recognize you as a user once you sign up for the most popular social media platform.

Once you get to the Facebook sign up page, click on the signup button. Then, you’ll see various dialog boxes open for you to enter your details such as your names, emails, phone number, age, marital status, etc.

To complete this form, you must ensure the instructions that appear on the boxes, hence, you’ll be rejected.

Through the information, Facebook will know the kind of person you are and that you aren’t a robot that wants to create the account for a dubious purpose.

Importance of creating a Facebook account

We’re already living in the computer age and social media is everything to most people. Through this platform, you’ll meet lots of friends, hook up, market your products through a Facebook business page and even buy from other sellers.

Also, Facebook adverts are one major boom to so many businesses in getting more sales and conversions. But you can’t enjoy any of the above benefits if you’ve not signed up for a Facebook account.

 Steps to create a new Facebook account

Create this account is just a few steps and you’re done and can now chat with friends both close and far and enjoy all the benefits of having an account with on Facebook. Use the steps below to create your own FB account:

  • Use any browser of your choice on your device and visit www.facebook.com
  • Look to the right side of the page and you’ll see create an account, then, fill your personal details in the boxes
  • The details will include your name, mobile number or your email address, password, date of birth and your gender. After that, tap on the sign-up icon

Thereafter, you’ll get a notification to your email or your phone number for your account confirmation. You’ll see a code on your phone by text or on your email, enter the code as verification to complete your registration process.

Then, you can now upload your profile picture which is optional. If you want to upload your image, click on the browse and choose any picture you want to use and click on upload. Then, click on save and continue.

Challenges you may have creating your account with Facebook

You may have some challenges trying to create your Facebook account for the first time. As a new person to the platform, you may not understand while things are not working out the way it was supposed to. Or you won’t know why you may be denied access to the account.

Here are some of the problems you may encounter while creating your account:

Poor (Bad) Network

Whenever the server is down, you won’t be able to create an account with Facebook. However, you must have to wait for the server to be up and must use a reliable network to ensure that your registration becomes successful.


If Facebook suspects that you’re a robot, they’ll ask you to enter a reCAPTCHA information. Here, they’ll ask you a question and expects you to provide an answer to prove that you’re not a robot.

This happens because the robot is a software app that carries automated tasks on the internet.

Using a wrong email or Password

If you provide a wrong email address or password, you’ll not be allowed to continue unless it’s corrected.

So, to avoid this, you must ensure that the password must be   8 words and above in characters. Most times, you can mix the characters (letters) with numbers but don’t include special characters (symbols). Using numbers in your password will increase the strength of your password to avoid hacking.

Most importantly, after this registration, write down your password somewhere to avoid forgetting it.

Though, if you forget your password, you can recover it by answering some security questions you were asked when creating your account. Or you can use other recovery methods such as password resetting options available.





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