How to Create Facebook DOCs in a Facebook Group


How to Create Facebook DOCs in a Facebook Group

Creating Facebook Docs in a Facebook group is what users love to know about. It’s one thing that Facebook has made possible and a lot easier for all users to be able to relate to groups hence, they brought this new feature to make the group usage a lot easier.

Facebook Docs

 This feature helps users to create, edit and also, share documents, Ms. Word office with their friends, fans, and followers on Facebook.

The only service that supports a whole document life cycle including creating, sharing, discovering and discussion is the DOCs. Hence, it’s seen to be a special feature on Facebook.

With this, you can create a document online and make it a shared document that people can assess. Once your friends find out about the document and the content they’ll just read it and comment.

 Through the Facebook group, you can collaborate with other members of the group via DOCs.  This is possible by creating DOCs on a group on Facebook. Then, ensure that other members of the group can see and also edit it. With steps below, you can know how to create a Facebook DOCs:

How to create Facebook DOCs in a Facebook Group

  •  You must sign in to your Facebook account
  •  Tap on the specific group that you want to Create  the DOCs
  • While on the home page of the group, click on the files button seen at the top corner of the page
  • Click on create DOCs, key in the title and the contents of the DOCs
  •  Use the tools above the page to set up the content, then, click on the Save button to publish the DOCs.

You can create as many DOCs as you want in any group of your choice. I hope that with these steps, you can create your own DOCs on a Facebook group. Just follow it carefully. If you’re not yet on Facebook, Create your account now and enjoy all these benefits.

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