How to Delete a Facebook Page you don’t want again


How to Delete a Facebook Page you don’t want again

You may want to delete a Facebook page that you don’t want again but you don’t know how to do it. I know that many will want to delete some Facebook pages they created a long time ago that doesn’t have any relevance to them now but only reminds them of one ugly experience or the other.

Delete a facebook page

To some, it can be reminding them of a failed business adventure, failed relation and pop-ups from friends that you don’t want to hear from again yet you don’t want to block them out rightly.

There’re many reasons people may want to delete their facebook page. Most times, when a Facebook business page isn’t active again, followers on the page by are asking for information from the owner. So to avoid keeping people on suspense, it’s better you delete it.

Knowing what Facebook page is

Many people who don’t know what Facebook page is should click on Facebook business page to get more information on this. So, don’t mistake a Facebook page for a Facebook profile. Your Facebook profile represents an individual that you can now interact with friends and maintain control on your privacy of the information you share.

Whereas a Facebook page or Facebook business page represents a person, place, organization, group, brand publicly that people will like to follow on facebook.

Facebook page comes in about 7 different Facebook page templates that you can use to create your business page. It all depends on what you’re doing, what you have and mind and the purpose of creating the page.

However, times, the page won’t be needed any longer and there will be a need to delete it.  To successfully delete a Facebook page, you have to follow the steps below:

You must be an Admin to the page

Before you delete a Facebook page, you must be the one who created it. By creating the page, you’re already the admin by default. However, where you’re not the one who created it, you should obtain permission from the admin to delete the page.

How to know if you’re a Facebook page admin on your computer

  • Visit the facebook and select pages at the left menu and click on your pages
  • Click the page that you want to delete
  • Choose settings at the top of it
  • Choose page roles at the left menu. If you’re an admin, you’ll see your portrait image close to the bottom of the page.

However, if you’re using your Facebook on Android or iOS devices follow the steps:

  • Launch the app and click on the Menu icon just at the bottom right of the page.
  • Click on pages
  • Choose your page and click on the edit page
  • Tap on the settings and then click on the page roles
  • Scroll down to see your page roles. If you’re an admin, you’ll see your image and name shown along with an Admin label.

Since you’re the admin, you can now proceed with the deleting process.

 Steps to Remove Facebook page and wait for permanent deleting

When you delete a Facebook page, it removes it from Facebook for 14 days. After the 14 days, it’ll ask for your confirmation for permanent deleting. This period of 14 days is just to know if you wish to change your mind and to restore it.

So, after you’ve confirmed the deletion, the page won’t be restored again.

Alternatives to take before you delete a Facebook page

Here are options you should take as an alternative before you consider final deleting of your Facebook page:

  • Unpublish the page– when you unpublished your page, it becomes inaccessible to the public. Even the people that have liked the page won’t see it. But only people that can see it are those that have the page roles
  • Merging the page with an existing similar page- Facebook allows you to merge a page similar to the page you want to delete if you’re the admin.
  • Downloading a copy of your page data before deleting it– You can get a copy of all your posts, photos, videos, and page details. So, when you want to delete a page, you’ve to take some important actions to ensure that you don’t lose data on the page. All this can only be done within the page settings. Check for the page visibility section and unpublish the posts; look out for the Merge posts section to combines the page with a similar page. Then go to the download page part to download a copy of the page.

An important thing to note here is that you can only download your page from a web browser.

Delete a Facebook page Totally

To finally delete the page, scroll down to the page settings at the bottom of the settings, you’ll see Remove Page.

Click on the remove Page or click on the Edit beside it. Select save changes option on the pop up box to delete your Facebook page.

Deleting your page permanently on your Mobile App

Just launch your app and go to the settings of the page and click on General in the page settings, scroll down to Remove Page part. Then, click on Permanently Delete Page name. After that, click on the Blue Delete page button on the next tab to send the deleting mode.

You have one more option after deleting the page to restore it. In case you change your mind with 14 days of deleting the page, you can visit the page and choose the Cancel deletion on the Or, you can click on the Scheduled for deletion in X days to restore the page.


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