How to Deactivate Bet9ja Account

How to Deactivate Bet9ja Account : Delete Bet9ja Mobile Account Permanently

How to Deactivate Bet9ja Account: Delete Bet9ja Mobile Account Permanently

Many people are searching for how to delete the bet9ja account permanently. However, while some can easily do that without any stress, others find it extremely difficult to do.

How to Deactivate Bet9ja Account

The question on the lips of many is; how do I delete my bet9ja account without much stress? If you find yourself in this category of people that want to deactivate their bet9ja account, I hope you know the consequences.

One of the demerits of deleting your account is that you’ll lose all the daily earnings you’ve been benefitting from the app.

Deactivating your bet9ja account will not really be easy as many people think. But don’t worry; I’ll take you through the process to do that without any stress.

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Sometimes, playing and winning football games can be very difficult and stressful. However, there’re times when you’ll think that the whole world will fall apart just because you lost almost all your hard earn money on playing bet9ja games.

Therefore, if your bet9ja account is no longer giving you the benefits with which you opened it in the first place, all you’ve to do is delete your account without wasting time.

Deleting a bet9ja account is free just the same way opening a new account is free.

In this article, I’ll show you the step-by-step process to delete your bet9ja account permanently without asking someone to assist you.

Bet9ja is one of the best betting websites in Nigeria and those who have an account there can testify about it. However many people want to delete their accounts because of numerous reasons.

Almost all who want to delete their account fall in the category of students, unemployed youth, undergraduates, or even those who are yet to receive their gratuity.

We understand that many people who bet from their mobile phones are the ones who want to delete their accounts. So if this is the case, you are on the right track.

But before we show you how to delete your Bet9ja account, here’re the various disadvantages attached to deactivating your account.

Consequences of deleting Bet9ja account -How to Deactivate Bet9ja Account

Do you still want to delete your bet9ja account? If yes, here’re the implications of doing that.

  • Once you delete your Bet9ja account, you’ll no longer be able to fund your Bet9ja wallet.
  • Although you can still bet when you visit the Bet9ja agent store nearest to you, you’ll not have access to the mobile account once you delete your account.
  • Always remember that you cannot use the email address used in opening your previous account to activate a new one.
  • More so, you cannot reverse your Bet9ja account deletion.
  • However, you must have all your login details at your fingertips to be able to deactivate your account.

So, if you lost or forgot your login details, you must retrieve them before you can delete your account.

Benefits of Bet9ja account

Before I’ll proceed to show you how to delete your account with Bet9ja, listed below are the benefits of having a Bet9ja account.

Maybe this will make you change your mind about deactivating your account.

  • Every new member will receive a 100% welcome bonus from bet9ja.
  • The Bet9ja online betting has almost a thousand offices, you can easily go there and claim your money in cash instead of waiting for a bank alert.
  • The platform pays users immediately you successfully win your bet.
  • The company offers its users the best odd and that’s what makes it the best among the entire betting website in Nigeria.
  • The Bet9ja Company allows its customers to pay via their master card and PayPal.

After taking note of these benefits above, do you still want to delete your Bet9ja account? Then let’s proceed.

How to cancel my Bet9a account using my Email

For you to delete your Bet9ja account through your email, follow the steps below.

  • Go to your email account that is registered with the Bet9ja website.
  • Click on compose and enter the email address support at
  • Type “request to deactivate my account” on the subject.
  • You can now write an email concerning deleting your account and the main reason why you’ll want to deactivate your account.
  • Click on send, wait as they review your request and approve it.

You’ve seen that it’s not too difficult to delete your account using your registered email address.

How to Deactivate Bet9ja Account

It’ll interest you to know you can also delete your Bet9ja account through your personal settings.

However, the deactivation process demands that you contact the Bet9ja customer service provider in order to delete your account. Furthermore, the deactivation and response from customer care will take place within 2 days of submitting your request.

You’ve to understand that once you write to them about your account deactivation, you cannot change it again. Therefore, make sure that you sit down and check all these before proceeding to delete your account. Do you still want to delete your bet9ja account? Follow the listed steps below;

  • Visit the bet9ja official website @
  • Click on login and enter your registered email address and password.
  • At the right side of the homepage, click on the “contact us” icon.
  • Hit on the “send us a message” link.
  • You’ll be shown a deactivation form.
  • Fill out the form with the necessary information.
  • Now send the message with the title “delete my account”.
  • Now proceed and click on “send”.

This is the simple way you can use to delete your account.

However, in case you’ll want to reverse the activation, so sorry, it’s already late. Remember what we said earlier that you can’t reverse your account once you’ve deleted it.

The Bet9ja support team will send a message via your email if you didn’t receive any within 24 hours. You’ll have to check your spam or junk folder.

How to Deactivate Bet9ja Account without login

This is another deactivation option, it entails using your mobile phone number to delete your account.

You’ll have to call the customer service number. Therefore, you’ll talk to one of the representatives to assist you to delete your account.

This is the easiest method to use when you want to delete your account and can be used instead of the ones mentioned earlier. So, once you want o delete using the option, simply dial 01-2796666 and follow the instructions given to deactivate your account.

However, if you still have any other questions concerning this article, you can use the comment box. We are always close to attending to you and you can also see us as the nearest customer service.


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