How To Delete Facebook Account | Open Facebook


 How To Delete Facebook Account | Open Facebook

Are you bored of Facebook and want to know how to delete Facebook account, here is how. AS  fun as the Facebook app is some users get tired of it at one time or the other. If this is the case and you want to delete your account, Here is how?

how to delete facebook account

The reason may be that they desire to live a private life without public scrutiny.

If you fall into this category and you wish to delete your Facebook account, then its our job to guide you on doing it properly.

Well, it easier said than done when it comes to deleting a Facebook account, that’s why we have tons of inactive Facebook accounts today.

 How  to Delete Facebook Account

Now Facebook offers you two ways in which you can use to get rid of your account. They are deactivation and deletion.

You can deactivate your account if you want to be inactive for some time and then gain access to your account again after a while.

If you delete your account, Facebook will give some time to go over your decision to permanently delete your account.

After which your account will be permanently deleted and you can no longer gain access to your account.

Here, let’s take you through each of these processes one after the other.

Before you delete your Facebook account, Facebook gives you the option of downloading your Facebook information.

This information contains all your important Facebook data, like your albums, videos, etc.

This is to help you secure your information in case you need it for future purposes.

Here is how you can download your Facebook information:

Downloading Your Facebook Information

  • On your Facebook account, go to the menu page, this is the 3 tiny horizontal lines at the top right of your Facebook app.
  • Search for settings at the bottom of the menu drop-down menu
  • Select your Facebook information from the options on the left-hand side of the page.
  • The words “Download Your Information” will be displayed among the option. Select it.
  • Select the information you wish to download after creating a file.

How to Deactivate your Facebook Account

There are two given options to deleting your account, one is temporarily deactivating or deleting the account.

You can choose to ignore this and permanently delete your account if you deem fit.

Temporarily deactivating your account has some benefits, it may be that you simply need a break from Facebook.

Or it may be that you simply want to avoid the public eye.

Deactivating your account does this function as well as your account will stop appearing on timelines and people will start seeing less of your activities.

Deactivate your Account

So if you choose to deactivate your account, then follow the instruction listed below.

  • Go to Facebook app or the webpage
  • Login via your account details
  • Go to the menu.
  • Select privacy& settings on the menu and then select settings.
  • Tap on “your Facebook information”.
  • Select deactivation and delete the account
  • Tap on deactivating the account and follow the next prompt instructions to deactivate your account.

Delete Facebook Account

Deleting your accounts have severe consequences such as losing every information you have saved there,

Also, you will lose every file uploaded on your Facebook as well, it is advisable to download your account information before deleting

Also, you lose the various contacts you’ve accumulated on Facebook and if you have no way to contact them, you can assume that you’ve permanently lost that contact.

Deleting your account

Follow these steps to permanently delete your Facebook account:

  • Tap on the menu icon at the top right of any Facebook page.
  • Select Privacy & Settings, and then settings.
  • Now click on Your Facebook Information in the left column.
  • Click on the Deactivation and Deletion sub-menu.
  • Select Delete Account, and tap on Continue to Account Deletion.
  • Key in your password, and click on Continue and then click on Delete Account.



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