How to delete firstmobile App

How to delete firstmobile App : Cancel the first Bank App on your phone

How to delete firstmobile App: Cancel the first Bank App on your phone

Do you want to delete your first bank mobile app because of personal reasons? Before you do this, hope you know the consequences of deactivating your mobile App. I’ll show you how to delete the firstmobile app on your device. Although, deleting your mobile account won’t have any effect on your first bank account.

How to delete firstmobile App

You’ll have to know that once you delete your mobile app, you’ll no longer have access to the online account.

Therefore, if you are ready to visit the ATM or join the long queue in the bank hall anytime you want to do any transaction, you can go ahead and cancel your mobile App.

The first bank launched its mobile App in the year 2008 to improve its mobile banking service.

The bank puts its customers first in all conditions and is ready to offer flexible banking services to its customer.

Once you have the first bank mobile app on your phone, you don’t have to spend your whole day at the nearest first bank branch.

Hence, the mobile banking services now act and serve the first bank customers as the digital-first bank branch.

However, you can perform transactions using the mobile app at any time of the day, in your office, or even in the comfort of your home.

Although mobile banking is safe, fast, and secure for all financial transactions, there’re other personal reasons which might trigger one to lose interest in mobile banking completely.

Now let’s proceed with providing more information that can assist you to block your first mobile app.

All about first bank mobile app -How to delete firstmobile App

The first bank mobile app is the official mobile banking app provided by the first bank to its customers.

This App allows the users to perform financial and non-financial transactions using the app with a stable internet connection.

However, you can easily get this app through the App Store on your phone.

After that, you’ve to register the app to be able to use it for financial transactions.

This online mobile app draws you closer to your account and makes transactions very simple and easy.

Furthermore, let’s move on to things that you can do using your first bank mobile app.

What can I do with my first bank mobile app?

In case you don’t know the benefits of the first bank mobile app on your phone, there’re different things you can do using your mobile app. They include;

  • The mobile app installed on your phone can be used to check your account balances.
  • You can easily make payments for goods and services purchased using the mobile banking app.
  • However, you can also use the mobile bank app on your phone to search and find the nearest ATM to you.
  • You can receive alerts for various banking activities from your bank once you have the mobile app on your phone.
  • More so, the first bank mobile app helps you to transfer money to your family or business colleague in just a minute.
  • This amazing mobile app can help you keep your account in check to avoid unnecessary spending.

Therefore, with the numerous benefits that this mobile app can offer, we’re still marveled at the reason why one would want to delete his FirstBank mobile app.

However, we come to the conclusion that maybe the customer wants to give out the mobile device, or maybe he wants to sell it off.

So, whatever the reason may be, you can easily deactivate your FirstBank mobile app on your mobile device without much stress.

Things required to block my first bank mobile app

Listed below are the things you must have before you can be able to block your FirstBank mobile app.

  • You need your full name.
  • You must provide your first bank account number.
  • Your first bank mobile banking information.
  • Means of identification[national ID card, voters card, or drivers license]
  • A recent passport photograph.

When you have all these things, you can now go ahead to delete your account.

How to delete my FirstBank mobile app from my phone

Do you know that deactivating your FirstBank mobile app is totally different from losing your main bank account completely?

You can delete your mobile app but you can’t do it by yourself.

Therefore, you have to visit any first bank branch nearest to you to help you do it.

It’s the work of the bank to make sure that any issue related to mobile banking doesn’t stress any of their customers.

So all you’ve to do is to;

  • Visit the nearest first bank nearest to you.
  • Move over to the customer service unit.
  • Join the queue there if there’s any.
  • When it’s your turn, request to delete your firstmobile app.
  • Wait as they process your request.
  • Once they verify your details, your first bank mobile app will be deleted.

Hence you’ll no longer have access to your bank account through the mobile app.

However, if you still want to reactivate your mobile banking account after some time, it’ll take you simple steps to do so.

Reactivate your first bank mobile account

Just like we said earlier, deleting or deactivating the mobile app on your phone doesn’t mean that you’ve close your main bank account.

Therefore you can reactivate the mobile app on your phone anytime you like in as much as your bank account is still active.

So follow the instruction below to reactivate your firstmobile app;

  • Visit the application store on your phone and download the app.
  • Install the app on your phone.
  • Now click on “activate this device” on the first page.
  • Ensure that you have an ATM card.
  • It’ll require you to enter your first bank-issued ATM pin and number.
  • Once this is done, you will receive an SMS with the phone number you used to open your bank account.
  • Wait as they verify your account.
  • Your mobile app will successfully be activated for you to access your account again.

You’ll now start enjoying mobile banking benefits again from your mobile phone.

How do I log in first bank App on another device?

Did you buy a new phone and will like to log in firstmobile app on this new device?

You’ll need the following items listed below;

  • You will need the phone number linked to your first bank account. The bank will use it to send a one-time pin to verify and confirm the security of your account.
  • You must have a good and stable internet connection and an active data plan.
  • You’ll also need a smartphone with the firstmobile app installed in it.
  • In a few cases, you’ll also need an E-TOKEN.
  • You must provide the ATM card linked to the account you want to sign in to.

Now you’ve to follow the process shared above to log in to your mobile account.

More so, you also need to provide your five-digit transaction pin and 4 digit security pin.

Once you enter the pins correctly, you can be able to access your account using the first bank mobile app on your phone.

I hope this article has solved your problem, but if you still have any other questions, you can use the comment box below.


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