How to invite people to like your business Facebook page


How to invite people to like your business Facebook page

Business Facebook page -Social media drives businesses all over the world more than most billboard adverts. With your business Facebook page, you’ll get more followers you might end up as your consumers or clients.

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You might be finding it hard on how to invite friends to like your Facebook business people but in this article, I’ll guide you on how to do that to help you build more audience.

You might be finding it hard on how to invite friends to like your Facebook business page people but in this article, I’ll guide you on how to do that to help you build more audience.

Getting your friends to like your business Facebook page these days is simple. Just ask your personal friends to like your page. Though the organized reach may be more difficult on Facebook these days.

By inviting your personal friends to like your Facebook business page helps to build your audience. Moreso, what if those you want to invite are not Facebook connections? You’ll get to know to do all of that in this post.

How to invite people to like a business Facebook page

Locate your company Facebook; you’ll see some options right below your cover photo.  The 3 dots you see beside ‘’ more’’. Click on it and a list of options will pop up.

Just scroll down that list of options and click ‘’invite Friends’’. After this, other screens pops up showing  the pages to choose from

 Look out for the friends that you’ll want to invite. If you have anyone in mind, select the name. But in case you don’t have anyone in mind just select the names on the screen and click send invites.

If it shows you a select all option, it’s left for you to select all or skip and choose your friends differently.

How to follow up friends that have not liked your page Business Facebook page

Well, you can’t cancel or re-invite your friends who have not accepted your invitation. You can only re-invite them only when they’ve canceled your invitation.

If you want to see all those who liked your page, click on New likes to see all your likes. It’s possible that your friend might be so bombarded with lots of requests. Send individual messages to your friends

I suggest you send them a message requesting them to like your page.  You can also re-invite friends via emails.  Maybe you’ll use the ‘’SuggestPage’’ option at the drop-down menu as the “invite friends’’

How to resolve the problem in inviting people to like your Business Facebook page

One of the first problems you may have trying to invite people to your Facebook business page is when you’re not the Page Admin. Make sure that you’re the Page Admin. But if another person created the page, ask the person to make you an Admin to the page.

Therefore, before you invite friends to like the page, you’ve to log in as an Administrator. So you need the Admins personal account to be able to log in.

Suggesting a page to a friend

Some people may suggest a page to a friend instead of inviting them to the page. But click on the Suggest page down the drop-down after ‘’ invite friends’’. In case you can’t find some friends to invite in the friends’ list, it could be that you’ve invited them before and they have not responded.

How to invite people you don’t know to like your page

Step 1:  Use of Facebook’s ‘’share’’ Feature

From the share feature on Facebook, you can now share your page in different ways.  From this sharing feature, you can reach many people that you’re not connected to personally.

How to find your Facebook share feature for your business posts.

Sharing from the Desktop- If you’re sharing from the Desktop, go to and locate the bar directly under your photo cover. Locate the 3 ‘’dots’’ and ‘’More’’.  At the drop-down, you want to click. You’ll see the below notification


Go to a business manager to manage this page- This shows that your Facebook business manager is managing your page. Just follow the link to the Business Manager and complete the remaining steps.

Choose the option ‘’ share’’ from the drop-down

As you click ‘’Share’’ it shows you other options. And some of the options will show ‘’share  in a Group’’, Share in an event’’, Share on a Page  you manage and more

Share on different groups and don’t forget to include some friendly messages to earn more page Likes. But in case you’re sharing on your timeline, ensure that it’s set to ‘’Public’’ so that everybody can see

How to share from the mobile device

Sharing from your Mobile device just go to your page and tap the 3 dots at the top right of the screen Just from the drop-down list and tap the option ‘’Sharepeople’’

From this, the first place to share is on your timeline. But to change it, Tap ‘’Tap to Change’’ just under ‘’Your Timeline’’ and select wherever you’ll like to share the post.


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