How to know if the guy am dating is real

How to know if the guy am dating is real :  No 5 will surprise you

How to know if the guy am dating is real:  No 5 will surprise you

Most relationships will always start on a very sweet mode but as time goes on it tends to get sour. In relationships, there’re always issues that threaten the love that those involved have shared over time. However, most girls have asked many times how to know if the guy they are dating is real.

How to know if the guy am dating is real

In this article, I’ll tell you 5 important things you should look out for to know if the guy you’re dating is real. It doesn’t matter how he pretends to be true but with these 5 things you can easily find out what his main intentions are.

Am very sure that you’ll always know when a guy starts some funny attitude that he’s not used to. Some of these signs are clear indications that he’s hiding something from you.

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How to know if the guy am dating is real

  1. When he makes you feel special.

It is said that guys make ladies feel special at the beginning of a relationship to make that they keep their guards down and then they start using them but when your guy is really like when he is the right person, he will always make you feel special no matter what with no bad intentions.

  1. Being Grateful always

Most times you meet guys that hardly appreciate every of your effort no matter how hard you try. I want you to look out for the guy that shows appreciation for every little thing you do.

Guys can be very annoying sometimes and unappreciative. But if he loves you, he’ll go all out to make you happy. A real guy is the one that shows gratitude to her woman. Despite their pride, they can still show gratitude for the little things you do. Instead of picking quarrels with you over a small issue, he can just let the sleeping dog lie. Such men are rare, but if you notice this in him, just know that he’s real. Don’t let him slip away.

3. He would want to be with you always

When a guy loves you, he’ll always want to stay with you, gist with you, cuddle you and discuss his life issues with her.  We all know that men are not the talking type, but when it comes to the one they love, they love to spend more time with them.

If your guy doesn’t want to be with you or is comfortable without you, he’s not being real. Am not saying that he can’t pretend to be comfortable but the thing is that you can always look into his eyes to know if he’s faking it.

Another important thing is if he wants to take you out with him. Now, if you notice he doesn’t want people to see you both outside, it means he’s not real and he may be hiding something from you

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4. If he tells you everything about him

If he loves you, he’ll open up to you about everything concerning him. For instance, if he tells you about a lot of intimate things about their lives without fear or doubt, it’s a good sign he’s real or loves you.

By sharing these details with you, it shows you’re important t and they want to be closer to you. For being important, he lets you in and feels comfortable telling you about their family, past experiences, and other personal details. With this am sure that the relationship will be strengthened and you both will be more connected.

Most guys are very secretive and keep their experiences personal. However, it takes a real and loving guy to share personal details with you.

5. He will always add you to his future plans.

When a guy loves you, he’ll always make future plans with you. He will speak about his dreams and aspirations for both of you together. He will never have doubt or fear about making future plans with you in it.

In addition,  he’ll be proud to talk about spending the rest of his life with you. Even when there’s a challenge, hope and happiness are the things that show that he really loves you and wants to keep you for the future.

In conclusion

It is not true that any guy that dates you wants to marry you or plans on having anything to do with you but any guy that stays with you and plans on spending the rest of his life with you is a real guy and loves you.

Always lookout for these signs to prevent making any relationship mistakes and dating the real guy. I hope this article is helpful, if so, kindly share it on your social media handles. Thanks.


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