How to make Walmart credit card payment

How to make Walmart credit card payment – Walmart payments

How to make Walmart credit card payment: Walmart payments, Walmart stores

Do you know how to make  Walmart credit card payments? Funding your credit card on time helps to improve your credit score. However, to make this payment, you’ll need your Walmart credit card login.

However, you can use set up automatic payment methods with your bank bill pay services or use another method of payment.

Therefore, this article will guide you on how to pay for your Walmart credit card before the deadline.

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Nevertheless, Walmart has about 10, 800 stores in 25 countries of the world and this makes them the number one retail business.

Walmart offers a broad range of items at affordable prices. Such products include electronics, furniture, apparel, household products, and so on.

More so, it has become a number one-stop shop for millions of customers worldwide.

Consumers who have capital one Walmart rewards card or a Walmart reward card also get higher savings and rewards.

Nevertheless, you’ll earn 5% in reward for one year on your store purchases when you open a Walmart rewards or capital one Walmart rewards card.

You’ll also get 5% cashback on purchases as well as 2% cashback on travel and purchases at gas stations or restaurants.

However, once you use your credit card for purchases, you must ensure that you pay your bill on time to avoid late fees.

More so, late payment of your Walmart credit card can have a huge effect on your credit scores and an increase in interest rate.

Meanwhile, there’re different payment methods accepted by Walmart for cardholders to choose from.

You’ve to select the payment method suitable for you. Let’s proceed to the payments methods available for Walmart credit cardholders.

Payment methods for Walmart credit card

Just like stated earlier, you’ve to pay your credit card bill on time to keep your account and credit score in good order.

Listed below are the different payment options accepted by Walmart company.

Credit and debit cards such as;

  • MasterCard and some debit cards with the master card logo.
  • The visa and some debit cards with visa logo.
  • The American Express.
  • Discovery and Novus.

Checks and money orders

  • You can call customer service to place an order through a check or money order.
  • However, your check must be in USD currency and drawn from a US bank. Checks will be accepted if they meet up the above conditions.
  • The Walmart Company also accepts check and money orders. So, you can place your order and then forward your check or money order to

The check and money order must be sent with a copy of your receipt or your order or check number. will process your order as soon as the check clears and this will take up to 5 business days for some US banks.

Moreover, if you aren’t comfortable with submitting your credit card information over the internet, you may call or fax your information to

This may be done after submitting your order. More so, you’ve to understand that the Walmart server is protected and secured by encryption and that means that your credit card is also protected. doesn’t accept the following method of payment:

  • The layaway is only available in stores during the holiday periods.
  • FSA cards.
  • Gift cards from other merchants.
  • International credit cards.
  • Electronic benefits transfer.
  • Purchase order.
  • COD [cash on delivery].
  • Also, there’s  Sam’s club Advantage member credit card.
  • The Walmart community and business card.

Now that you’ve learned the payment methods accepted by, let’s proceed to how to make your credit card payment.

How to make Walmart credit card payment

There’re different methods of paying your Walmart credit card bill and they include;

  • Online payment.
  • Make payment through the phone.
  •  then Make your payment in person.
  • Make a payment by mail

Make your Walmart credit card payment online

If you choose to use the online payment methods, then you’ll have registered for online account access.

Here’s how to do it;

  • Login to the Walmart credit card login page @
  • Tap on the “set up my account” option.
  • Enter your name, social security number, bank account number, and birth date.
  • Now, tap on “find me”.
  • Follow the instructions given to choose a username and password.
  • Tap on submit.

Now that you’ve set up your account, you can now continue with online payment. The steps below will be a guide.

  • Visit the Walmart official credit card login page.
  • Enter the username and password you chose during the registration to “sign in”.
  • Choose the “make payment” option.
  • Then, enter the amount that you want to pay, the date, and where the fund will come from to complete the transaction.

Make a payment through the phone

This is another payment option available to Walmart credit cardholders.

You can easily make your Walmart credit card payment over the phone by dialing the capital one service [email protected]

This service is totally free but if you speak with the customer care representatives, it’ll charge you $10.  Also, ensure that you have the following information ready before you place a call;

  • Your bank account and your bank routing number.
  • The last 4 digits of your Walmart credit card number.

Make the Walmart credit card payment in person

This is one of the best and most secure means of paying for your Walmart credit card bill. It’s just simple and easy.

If you already have a planned Walmart trip, you can easily pay your credit card bill at the store or you can visit the Walmart credit services and make your payment.

Alternatively, you can make a payment at the self-serve kiosk; you can use the Walmart locator to find one nearest to you.

Make your Walmart credit card payment via the email

The Walmart rewards or capital one Walmart reward credit card account statement always come with a payment coupon attached to it.

However, you can open it and mail back your payment. Therefore, if you lost your coupon or you’ll like to make an additional payment, write your account number on your check or money order and send the email to;

Capital one

Attn: payment processing

P.O.BOX 71083

Charlotte, NC 28272-1083

In case you need to make an express payment, use this email address:

Capital one

Attn: payment processing

6125 Lakeview Rd, suite 800

Charlotte, NC 28269.

What’ll happen if I make my Walmart credit card payment late?

Always ensure that you make your credit card payment by the due date listed on the billing statement although your Walmart credit card has a balance every month.

If you fail to pay your credit card bill before the due date, you can use any payment method to bring your account back to the present.

But you’ve to pay the late fees of $39 and a higher interest rate.

Late payment of your Walmart credit card can also affect your credit scores which can have a negative effect on your credit card account.


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