How to recharge Gotv using mobile phone

How to recharge Gotv using mobile phone :GoTv Subscriptions

How to recharge Gotv using a mobile phone: GoTv Subscriptions

Are you a Gotv customer and sometimes you’re finding it very difficult or stressful to visit the offices?Many people can’t visit the Gotv offices to renew their subscriptions when it expires because of their tight schedules. However, technology has made it very easy less stressful, and convenient for Gotv users.
How to recharge Gotv using mobile phone

Well, the major purpose of technology is to make life easier. Therefore any company whose most of the services are wrapped around technology always minimizes the stress for its customers.

In the olden days, subscriptions can only be carried out in Gotv offices and approved dealers.

But nowadays, almost everything is done online which includes recharging your Gotv subscription using your mobile phone.
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Therefore, in this article, we’ll reveal to you how you can recharge your Gotv using your mobile phone in less than thirty seconds.

Gotv is the official home of Africa television that is known for delivering family entertainment to Africa as a whole.

More so, Multichoice Nigeria is the founder of Gotv Nigeria. They also own the top-rated DSTV pay television platform.

The main difference between the DSTV and GOTV is that while DSTV uses satellite, GOTV utilizes its service with DVB-T2 a new digital and terrestrial broadcast technology.

Apart from Nigeria, Gotv is also available in other African countries such as Zambia, Uganda, Ghana, Malawi, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Kenya, and so on.

So, did you still find it difficult to recharge your Gotv using your mobile phone? This article is for you. It’ll guide you on how to subscribe to Gotv using your mobile phone.

How to subscribe to Gotv using my mobile phone

There’re different ways to recharge your Gotv using your mobile phone.

You’re required to choose the one that is more suitable and convenient for you and also use it to subscribe or renew your Gotv decoder.

Gotv which stands for Go television is a less expensive version of DSTV. It was built mainly for users who can’t afford to buy the DSTV decoder or do its subscription because of their high prices.

However, the Gotv subscribers go through a lot of stress trying to pay for their subscription at the Multichoice offices or their approved dealers.

You can recharge your Gotv with your mobile phone in the comfort of your home or even in your offices without any stress.

Also with your mobile phone [both online and with USSDs], you can easily contact customer care in case of any problem concerning your subscriptions.

The Gotv subscription charges

Gotv provides six subscription packages to its customers.

These packages have different numbers of channels users can watch on them once they recharge.

Listed below are the numbers of channels and subscription packages available for customers to explore.

  • The Gotv max- 79 channels for NGN3,200 every month.
  • Gotv jolly- 72 channels for NGN2,400 every month.
  • The Gotv plus-65 channels for NGN1, 900 every month.
  • Gotv Jinja-51 channels for NGN1,900 per month.
  • Gotv value-44 channels for NGN1,250 every month.
  • The Gotv lite-37 channels for NGN400 per month, NGN1, 050 quarterly, and NGN3,100 per year.

Pay for Gotv subscription online

Just the same way that a subscriber can pay with his mobile phone, they can also pay online using various payment methods.

Below are the online payment methods available for online subscribers.

The QuickeTeller

The quick teller allows the Gotv users to pay into their subscription account in order to renew their subscription from the Quick teller web link.

This amazing platform is connected with the integrated billing system [IBS]. This gives immediate value and creates immediate reconnection of the services that were disconnected.

Follow the steps below to pay your Gotv subscription online using the Quickteller.

  • Switch your decoder on if your account has already been disconnected.
  • With your browser, log on to and select the Gotv package you’ll love to subscribe to.
  • Fill in your email address, IUC number, and mobile phone number.
  • Tap on next.
  • Fill in your Gotv subscriber’s name and enter your IUC number correctly.
  • Chose pay and select your card type if you’re using verve, MasterCard, or inters witch.
  • You’re to enter your card number and expiry date as is written on your card.
  • Enter your four-digit card pin number.
  • Tap on pay once.
  • Your transaction is already completed and your Gotv account is credited as well.

Using PAGA e-pay

You can also make an online payment for your Gotv subscription using Paga e-pay. Here’re is how to do it;

  • With your browser, log in to your account @
  • It’ll show you a listing of online payment that is available in your country.
  • Then, chose Paga e-pay and follow the prompt given to subscribe.

Using Eazy money

This is another platform that offers online subscription to Gotv users. You can pay through this platform by using your Eazy money mobile wallet online.

To do this, follow the steps below;

  • Log on to
  • Enter your phone number and your Eazy money pin and follow the instructions given carefully.
  • You can register at a zenith bank branch if you don’t have an Eazy money wallet.

Using eTranzact

This platform allows you to buy your subscription directly from your checking account, online and on mobile.

Follow the steps below to recharge your Gotv using eTranzact.

  • You’ll have to select your country, enter a specific smart card [IUC [number.
  • Now, click on the captcha and tap on the verify button.
  • Click on view balance and pay to continue to the payment summary page that shows the date and amount due for payment.
  • Choose the eTranzact payment option and select Bank IT.
  • Enter your bank account number and select your bank.
  • Initiate a six-digit passcode and click on submit.
  • Now, dial *389*00# with your mobile phone number that is registered with the Bank you’ve selected to receive an OTP.
  • When you’ve received the OTP, enter it within the space provided and tap on pay.
  • You’ll receive a payment response stating the small print of the transaction which shows that your payment is a success.
Using Konga

To pay for your Gotv subscription using Konga pay, follow the instructions below.

  • Log on to or you can as well download the mobile app for either your android or IOS devices.
  • You’ve to register before you can log in to an existing account.
  • Now, go to the services and bills and select the TV subscriptions, YOU’VE TO CHOSE Gotv because of the subscription type.
  • Enter your debit card number.
  • You’ve to enter your details also as the current subscription plan shows on the screen automatically.
  • Click on auto-renew monthly to allow Gotv to automatically renew your subscription every month.
  • Tap on pay and fill in your Konga pay pin and OTP is sent to your phone number.
  • Click on confirm, your transaction is successful and your Gotv account is set for use.


This is another wonderful platform where Gotv users can pay for their subscriptions online.

To make payment using GLOBAL PAY, follow the steps below.

  • Log on to
  • Login to your account.
  • Select GLOBAL PAY on the payment page and fill in your payment information.
  • Then click on complete payment
  • It’ll take you to the GlobalPAY website where you’ll now choose your debit card type.
  • Enter your card number and chose pay.
  • It’ll automatically redirect you to your account on the Gotv Eazy website.

Web payment using PayU

To pay your subscriptions using payU, follow the steps below.

  • Visit and log in to your account.
  • Go to the payment page and tap on the payU logo.
  • It’ll redirect you to the PayU payment page to fill in your card details and complete the payment.
  • Complete and confirm the payment at pay and will automatically redirect back to the Eazy self-service website.

Having learned how to renew your Gotv subscription using various online platforms, let’s continue with how you can do it using your mobile phone number.

How do I recharge my Gotv using a mobile phone app?

You can renew your subscription using your mobile device by following the steps below;

  • You’ve to find the IUC number of your Gotv decoder at the back of the decoder. The IUC number is 10 and it’s comprising both letters and words.
  • Using your mobile phone, log in to
  • Search for the subscription package that you want to renew.
  • Enter your UIC number.
  •  Key your email address for the registration.
  • Enter your phone number.
  • Click on the “continue” logo.
  • Then, confirm your payment.

Congratulations! You’ve successfully renewed your Gotv subscription using your mobile phone in less than 30 seconds.

Recharge Gotv with Stanbic IBTC code

Are you a Stanbic IBTC bank customer and you’ll like to recharge your Gotv with your phone? Here’re is how to do it quickly with no stress.

  • With your mobile phone, dial*909#
  • Select the fourth option and start the registration process.
  • Now, enter your details correctly.
  • Make your payment by clicking on the send button to subscribe to your Gotv.

Recharge Gotv with GTB code

  • Confirm the code and click on send.
  • You’ve successfully renewed your subscription.

Recharge Gotv using the first bank code

  • Dial the following number:*894*AMOUNT*IUC NUMBER#.
  • Then confirm the payment and click on send.

Subscribe with fidelity bank code

For the Gotv users, you can easily subscribe to your Gotv using your bank code as follows:

  • Dial *966*7*AMOUNT *IUC NUMBER#.
  • Confirm the payment and send your request.
Recharge with Wema bank
  • Dial the following code:*770*1088*IUC NUMBER*AMOUNT#.
  • Then, confirm and send.

Recharge using the Heritage Bank code

  • Dial *322*030*1088*AMOUNT#.
  • Then, confirm and send.







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