How to restore access to Facebook marketplace

How to restore access to Facebook marketplace – Facebook Buy and sell

How to restore access to Facebook marketplace – Facebook Buy and sell

Are you searching for how you can restore access to the Facebook marketplace? You might be wondering if using the Facebook marketplace to sell your products is the best option. In this article, I’ll show you how to restore access to the Facebook marketplace.

Just like many business owners who’ve heard about the Facebook marketplace but aren’t yet sure if it’s the best legit platform to sell their product.

Facebook is a well-known social media platform that provides a variety of services and features to its users.

Nevertheless, many people use this platform for only chatting and making new friends but Facebook offers more than that.

The Facebook platform offers many services and one of those services is the Facebook marketplace.

Although, many who have to use the Facebook marketplace couldn’t access it again because of one reason or the other.

However, this article will guide you on how to restore access to your Facebook marketplace without any difficulty.

But before we proceed, let’s look at what the Facebook marketplace is all about, the features, the benefits as well as the disadvantages.

What is a Facebook marketplace?

The Facebook marketplace is an online platform where users can buy and sell their products locally.

However, the Facebook market site was founded in October 2016 by Deb Liu and it’s seen as the largest social e-commerce platform around the world.

The major aim of the Facebook marketplace is to provide a more flexible and convenient means to buy and sell goods with people in your community.

More so, this amazing platform allows users to list items and find great business deals on Facebook.

Meanwhile, you don’t have to download another Facebook app or set up a new account to use the Facebook marketplace.

So, with the Facebook marketplace, you can get in contact with thousands of people within your locality and find an exceptional item for sale.

Buying and selling in the Facebook marketplace is very easy and simple. You can connect with people and see the items yourself before you can buy them.

Many businesses today use the Facebook marketplace too; How to restore access to the Facebook marketplace

  • Advertise all the items in their stores and their main aim is to sell more products.
  • Display new or used items from the Facebook page for interested buyers to explore for free.
  • Show different retail goods such as homes and vehicles.

The features of the Facebook marketplace

Just like another online platform, the Facebook marketplace has many features that made it different from others. They’re the following;

  • You can search for items to buy in the Facebook marketplace.
  • More so, you can browse the items listed for sale by category and by location.
  • You can also message the buyers or the sellers on how to arrange for the transaction.
  • The Facebook marketplace allows users to view previous and present transactions and messages.
  • However, you can also create an item listings using this platform.
  • The setting of the custom price for the items.

Reasons why I can’t access my Facebook marketplace

There’re many reasons why you can’t access the Facebook marketplace, listed below are some of the reasons why you can’t use the Facebook marketplace.

  • If you’re not up to 18 years, you’ll not be allowed to use the Facebook marketplace.
  • You’re making use of devices that don’t support Facebook.
  • If the Facebook marketplace isn’t available in your location. Facebook marketplace isn’t yet available in some countries, so if you find yourself in any of that regions, you can use the Facebook marketplace.
  • Facebook can cancel your access if you violate any of the Facebook marketplace rules.
  • New Facebook users aren’t given access to use the marketplace features in other to avoid scams.

Therefore, if you find it difficult to access your Facebook marketplace, then you might be in any of the above-listed categories.

Who can use the Facebook marketplace?

If you have an account on Facebook, you’re eligible to sell and buy from the Facebook marketplace. However, there’re businesses that can sell on this platform and they include;

  • The Real Estate companies:

Real estate agents can list their homes and apartment for rent or sale with the Facebook marketplace.

  • Ecommerce retailers

If you sell products online, then you can sell on the Facebook marketplace. But you must ensure that your product isn’t prohibited from selling on Facebook.

  • The Auto dealership

The Auto dealership is allowed to sell verified and used previously owned vehicles in the Facebook marketplace.

They’re not allowed to sell new cars but can also sell boats and ATVs.

Therefore, if your business is in any category above, then you can start using the Facebook marketplace.

Now that we’ve learned what the Facebook marketplace is all about as well as the features and businesses that can use it.

Let’s proceed by revealing to you all the benefits that this platform can offer to users.

Benefits of the Facebook marketplace to businesses

There’re many benefits that the Facebook marketplace users stand to enjoy, some of them are listed below.

  • Providing all the information that a buyer needs without leaving the Facebook page.
  • The Facebook marketplace also makes it easier for you to reach interested buyers.
  • To list a product in the Facebook marketplace is free but you only have to pay when you sell a product.
  • One of the popular benefits of the Facebook marketplace is that you’ll have a one-on-one connection with your audience.
  • Businesses get mobile-friendly listings with the Facebook marketplace because almost 98% of people use their mobile phones for Facebook.
  • The Facebook marketplace also gives its user the benefits of exposing their business brand name.
  • In addition, the Facebook marketplace automatically shows you the products within your locality.
  • More so the marketplace feature on Facebook helps to build a community based on trust.
  • Apart from buying and selling, it also provides employment offers for people.
  • The Facebook marketplace allows you to reach out and connect to billions of users worldwide.
How to restore access to the Facebook marketplace

Many people are worried because their Facebook marketplace features suddenly vanished. Some of these people are certain they didn’t violate the rules.

So you don’t need to worry again because this article will guide you to access your Facebook marketplace feature again.

Therefore, follow the steps below to get the Facebook marketplace back.

  • You’ve to log out of the Facebook app or web and log in again.
  • Now, reinstall the Facebook app on your mobile device as well as clear the app data.
  • If you’re a new account, ensure that you’re active as much as possible. Facebook will verify that you aren’t a scammer and it’ll allow you access to use the marketplace.
  • However, you’ve to change your location to one that’s supported by Facebook.
The Facebook marketplace login

The Facebook marketplace doesn’t have a special login site as it’s incorporated with Facebook.

However, the steps below will guide you on how to use the Facebook marketplace.

  • First and foremost, log in to your Facebook account.
  • On your account, tap on the shop button.

Once you’ve completed the above steps, it’ll redirect you to the marketplace page where you can easily buy and sell on Facebook.

The Facebook marketplace category

You can use the following categories when listing your products.

  • Entertainment.
  • Hobbies.
  • Vehicles.
  • Home sales.
  • Family.
  • Classified.
  • Clothing and accessories.
  • Deals.
  • Home and garden.
  • Electronics
  • Housing.

Best tips to make a sale on the Facebook marketplace

The tips below will help you to sell on the Facebook marketplace.

  • Make sure you don’t send an item to customers until they make the complete payment.
  • You’ve to ensure that your product complies with the Facebook trade regulations before displaying them for sale.
  • However, you’ve to make an accurate description of your products to avoid unnecessary questions from customers.
  • Make sure that you indicate shipping times, courier service, means of delivery, and other details to the buyer.
  • Ensure that you check the buyer’s reputation to make sure he/she is worthy of trust.
  • Before you list your product, ensure that you make use of real-life images. Check the lighting and the background of the image you’ll use to list your products.

The tips to buy from the Facebook marketplace

If you’re a buyer, the following guide will assist you to buy from the Facebook marketplace.

  • Firstly, check the seller’s profile on the marketplace before making any purchase.
  • Let the seller know about the kind of payment method that is suitable for you. You shouldn’t be afraid to suggest a payment option that protects the purchase’s privacy.
  • Also, check out the prices of the product in your community to find a reasonable price. You must know that the seller can’t sell the product for a low price without a reason.
  • Don’t expose too much personal information especially while dealing with bank details.
  • Always meet in a public place to complete the transaction; bringing strangers to your home can be very risky.
  • More so, you’ve to check the sellers’ ratings to ensure that they have a good reputation.
How can I find the Facebook marketplace?

The Facebook marketplace icon is located at the bottom side of the Facebook app.

It looks like a small shop, tap on it to get started.

How can I search for items to buy?

Every item on the marketplace has photos that people within your community have for sale. So, to find a particular product, enter the keyword at the search via the search icon on the screen.

You’ll have to select your results by location, category, or price. You can also select from the categories options such as electronics, family, clothing and accessories, and more.

How can I buy from the marketplace?

Now that you’ve found what you want to buy, click on the image to view more details from the seller.

When you decide to buy it, you can now send the seller a message from the marketplace to make an offer or tap on the “make offer” option on the listing.

The Facebook marketplace doesn’t assist in the payments and delivery of items, so you and the seller can work that out.

How to sell items in the marketplace?

To post an item for sale in the marketplace is very easy and simple.

All you’ve to do is to take a photo of your item and enter the name as well as the description and price.

Also, ensure that you confirm your location and select your product category.

Now, post it so that anybody interested and within your area can message you on how to buy.

Hope this article was helpful, use the comment box for any other questions related to this article.


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