How to Sell On Facebook Page | Facebook Buy and Sell


How to Sell On Facebook Page | Facebook Buy and Sell

With social media like Facebook, you can promote, build and establish your business brand easily.  How to sell on the Facebook page is a guide that you’ll need to stand out among your competitors and make more sales and get more fans and prospective customers.

 how to sell on Facebook

Selling or buying on Facebook is a Facebook service that allows you to sell or buy times on Facebook. Most people don’t know how to sell on the Facebook page. So, if you belong to this group, this guide will help you. And at the end of the is an article, you’ll know how to sell on the Facebook page.

Why Sell on Facebook Page- How to sell on Facebook page

For those of you asking why sell on Facebook? This is the reason; you sell on Facebook because it has more than 2 billion active users monthly. Even in your location, you can easily meet people and interact with them more than you can do on the physical. This is because not everyone you can easily get closer to, but on Social media like the Facebook, You can easily chat up with your friends and let them know what you have to offer.

When you create a business page and have people like your page, they’ll see all your posts on the page and whatever you present on the page goes viral to all followers of the page. So, it’s easy to get your business to people out there. If you want to know how to sell on Facebook page, you must start from opening a Facebook account if you don’t have.

How to open a Facebook account

If you don’t have an account on Facebook, you can’t sell on Facebook page, that that doesn’t mean you can sell anything on Facebook. You can still sell using our Facebook profile. But before that, you must have a Facebook account. Here are Facebook account creation steps:

  • Go to the Facebook website at
  •  You’ll see the application boxes; fill in your details such as your name, phone number or email address, mobile number, password, gender, date of birth, country, and gender.
  • Tap on the signup button and boom your Facebook account is ready. After this, you’ll log in to your account to create a Facebook page where you can now sell easily on Facebook.

The Facebook Login Steps

  • Visit the Facebook account and login using your email address and password or your phone number and password.
  • After that, click on the login button to take you to your profile
How to sell on Facebook page

Now your Facebook account is ready. You can now go-ahead to create a Facebook business page. With this business page, you can easily get followers by people liking your page. So that any time you post anything you want to sell on the page, you’ll have a lot of people seeing it. Click on the Facebook business page above to know how to create your Facebook page. If you’re done with that, you can now post the items you want to sell on your page and share it. You can use Facebook ads to make your product go viral on Facebook to attract more buyers.

  When you post a product on Facebook, include your information and the details of the product. Enter the name of the item, location, price, title or description of the item and post it.

Steps to selling on  other people’s Facebook page

You can sell on Facebook through your account by posting on other people’s pages. Just follow the steps:

  • Go to your account on Facebook
  • On the search box, search for pages
  • When you see list of pages, click on the one you want to sell on
  • You’ll see a status box on the page tagged ‘’Write a Post…
  • Click on it and enter the details of the item you want to sell on it.
  • Provide the product name, model, price, location, and description

Facebook isn’t the one selling for you, but it’ll help other users to see your product and interested buyers can call you and make their orders while you deliver to them as they make their payment.

You don’t only sell items on Facebook. As a service provider such as a tailor, photographer, and other businesses, you can advertise on Facebook and people within your reach or locality can patronize you.


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