How to Share YouTube Video | How To Share YouTube Videos on Facebook



How to Share YouTube Video | How  To Share YouTube Videos on Facebook


How to share YouTube video – Facebook and YouTube are two mega social media platforms, their attributes vary but they are very engaging and commands large numbers of users.

How to share youtube video

Users of the platform vary as well, or some tend to be more active on one platform than the other.

Sometimes content on one of the platforms is rarely accessible on the platform, for example, YouTube focuses on videos.

Facebook on a vast array of features, for example, the watch feature gives you access to tones of videos.

Yet it doesn’t compare to the collection of videos available on YouTube, the now Google company which pioneered video streaming. So now as a YouTube user, you’ve watched this amazing video on the platform, and you just can’t wait to show it to your friend.

Usually, you can copy the URL and send it to your friend if you are viewing the platform through the web instead of the app.

Sounds easy, well it just got simpler, what’s the need in copying and pasting when you can easily share said YouTube videos to Facebook.

How to Share YouTube Video on Facebook

Now here’s all you need to know how to share Youtube video. YOu can achieve this about sharing YouTube videos on Facebook. Once you click on the Share button on YouTube, it shows you various share options.

Facebook is one of the share options, by tapping on Facebook icon for sharing, it will ask for permission to post on Facebook.

Once you’ve granted permission, a link is then posted on your timeline; anyone who clicks on the link is automatically directed to the video.

Easy right, well some Facebook users might still find it tedious leaving the Facebook platform to another for varying reasons.

Now, what you can still circumvent this option, by downloading the video directly from YouTube and posting it directly on Facebook. And as an added advantage said post might even generate more views and clicks.

The downloaded video can still be posted to your Facebook story and even a friend’s timeline as long as he/she has given your permission.

YouTube videos download.

Usually, there is a lot of red tapes when it comes to downloading YouTube videos,

The YouTube platform/app site is so encrypted that even video downloading browsers have no way of downloading the platform’s video.

While Facebook beats YouTube when it comes to the number of users, YouTube definitely dwarfs Facebook on video collection.

That explains why its videos are very sought after.

Well, luckily there are various YouTube downloading sites that are able to bypass this encryption.

YouTube Download Sites

Listed below are various sites used in downloading YouTube videos.

You should have access to one of these sites before you can download YouTube video.

Here are the known sites where you can download YouTube videos for free.

  • 4KVideoDownloader com.
  • net
  • com
  • Youtube Download Website.
  • Addoncrop YouTube Video Downloader.

Now that you know the various sites for downloading videos, we can go straight to how we can download videos.

YouTube video download

The following instruction teaches us how to download YouTube videos; all you have to do is follow them.

  • Go to to access the site on your mobile device.
  • Search for the video you want to download.
  • Click on the video, once it opens copy the URL link from the website.
  • Open any of the websites given above for downloading YouTube videos.
  • Click on the paste URL link menu
  • Paste the URL link
  • Some sites require that you select the format you want to download the YouTube video.
  • Select mp4 since its more universal.
  • After a while the video download is ready and a download button pops up
  • Select download and wait for it to be completed.

The downloaded video can be sent directly to your friend via messenger or posted directly to Facebook.

How to post videos on Facebook.

Now that you have downloaded the video, you can create a post on YouTube with the listed instructions below.

  • Login in to your Facebook account
  • select ‘‘what’s on your mind’’
  • From the various options select photos/videos, add a written description if you want.
  • A pop of showing your gallery will appear, select the video
  • The video will start uploading; you can watch the progress by sliding your finger down from the screen top.
  • Once it’s completed, you can share it with your friend(s), Facebook story, etc.


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