How to Travel Abroad for Free

How to Travel Abroad for Free:  Free Trip to Abroad: Work Abroad on Free Visa

How to Travel Abroad for Free:  Free Trip to Abroad: Work Abroad on Free Visa

Do you want to travel abroad for free? If so, using the right opportunity will give you what you’ve always wanted. Most people who don’t have money or can’t pay for Visa can use the available opportunity to travel abroad for Free.

There’re several ways one can travel abroad for free. Some people can use the Scholarship opportunity, while some can use job offers abroad. There’re a lot of Job Visa and Scholarships visas that are fully funded. So, once you get this, you can actually fulfill your dream of traveling abroad for free. How to Travel Abroad for Free

I must say that most African Countries are benefactors of such programs.  However, countries that can offer these opportunities include Canada, the US, and other European countries.

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So, if this has been your dream, I’ll be revealing to you how to travel abroad for free. It may be strange to you but you’ll really know what to do to leave your country to your dream country.

 A True-life Story on How to Travel Abroad for Free

There’s a story of a lady from Gambia you’ve always wanted to travel abroad (the US to be Precise). Though, she didn’t know how to go about it. She’s really stuck because she hadn’t had money. So, her breakthrough came we she stumbled on an article like this. So, on discovering this, she now know-how, what, and processes to leave her country for free.

Traveling abroad can be easy. But if you don’t have or you don’t have the right travel document, you can be denied access. Most people from countries with bad records can be easily denied access. I wouldn’t blame those who conclude that getting a visa is very difficult.

However, as you read on, I’m going to expose the secrets of how you can travel abroad for free.

 How to Travel Abroad for free

In this stage, I’ll explain some proven details on how someone can travel abroad for free. Most African or Asian country citizens look forward to traveling abroad for several reasons. Hence, if you don’t have money, the best way to travel abroad is to use any of the following steps described below:

Applying for Fully Funded Scholarships Abroad

Students on intending students who wish to travel abroad for free can apply for Fully funded scholarships. You can apply for a foreign scholarship opportunity to enable you to migrate to any country of your dream.

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Interestingly, there’re more than one million Universities that offer scholarship opportunities. However, to travel abroad for free, you need to apply for those that are fully funded.

The fully-funded scholarships cover your Visa, safety, and work.  Most times, it can cover your accommodation and feeding as well. The companies that offer these kinds of scholarships opportunities are, Chevening, UNICAF, DAAD, ASHINAGA, and others are offer scholarship opportunities to those who want to apply.

Applying for A Diversity Visa

Applying for a diversity Visa will help you to travel abroad with ease without spending a dime. Those who wish to travel to countries like the US, Canada, can easily embrace this opportunity. The US offers Diversity Visa to those who are from a country that doesn’t have a lot of immigration rates.  So, it’s your dream, and you come from a country like that, you should apply.

Other things you can gain from the Diversity Visa are job opportunities, Education, Experience, housing, etc.

Applying for a Foreign Job

As someone who wants to travel abroad, you can advertise your skill and get a job abroad. There’re a lot of job offers and it comes with a traveling opportunity. If you want to travel to the UAE, the U.S, Canada, Europe, or any of your dream countries, you can search for it online and apply.

The best app for searching for abroad jobs is LinkedIn.  Search to see most of the foreign organizations that are ready to offer you a job.

Working for an NGO

You can achieve traveling abroad for free if you work with an NGO. Foreign NGOs like WHO can call workers for international visitors Jobs abroad. Non-governmental organizations like Red Cross, the world health organization, and others can be good ones to try. They can offer jobs that can take you from country to country and also pay you well.

Ability to Teach Foreign Language like English or Chinese

If you become an English teacher in a non-English speaking country it’s a plus for you. So, to achieve this, you have to apply to teach the English Language in a non-English speaking country.  The same applies to those that can teach Chinese in a non-Chinese country mostly where there’s Confucius Institute.

Working as a Nurse or Nanny

Countries like the UK, Canada, and the U.S are looking for qualified hands that can handle their chores and their aged ones.   Those that want to travel abroad and have this qualification can apply. It’s common in the United States of America. In the U.S, you can get a job as a Nanny, a Nurse that can take care of kids and pets, and so on.

Volunteer Abroad Scholarships and Grants

Among all the ways to travel abroad listed above, a volunteer job abroad is the easiest. There’re a lot of volunteer jobs by companies or NGOs. Some grant and scholarship NGOs include American Unofficial Ambassadors (AUA). Others are  Travel for Good Voluntourism Grant, Go Overseas Volunteer Abroad Scholarship, Samuel Huntington Public Service Award, Youth Challenge International Flight Scholarships, GoEco Volunteer Abroad Scholarships, Sarah’s Wish Scholarship Fund, Rustic Pathways Scholarships, Rotary Foundation Ambassadorial scholarships, Thomas J. Watson Fellowship, Tourism Cares Scholarships, U.S Student Fulbright Grant. There’re other opportunities that can land you abroad for free.

So, take this opportunity and also Visit this Website for more details on grants and Scholarships that can take you abroad for free.


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